Confidence In Sports

(Photo source: Collegiate Images/Getty Images)

(Photo source: Collegiate Images/Getty Images)

Karsyn Otero, Writer

It’s needless to say that sports require self-confidence. This is important in sports because it determines your ability to play to the best of your capabilities. Confidence can stem from a lot of different elements.

An athlete might excel in physical, psychological or other skill factors that boost their confidence on the field. For example, a player might score a point, causing them to gain confidence and be motivated to score more. Vice versa, a player might be down two points in an important game and attempt to play more efficiently in fear of a loss. Athletes such as boxer Muhammed Ali and basketball player Lebron James show their dominance and skill through their ability and confidence.

However, confidence is not as easy to have as one may think. Confidence can fluctuate and is unpredictable. Furthermore, athletes tend to struggle with confidence for a number of reasons. Even athletes that do have confidence still struggle with maintaining it during their season. 

There is nothing to fear though, because there are more athletes that lack confidence than athletes that do have confidence. Lack of self-confidence is fixable. Improving confidence can help an athlete realize their full potential as a player and guide them into being more confident for other situations.

Ways To Improve Confidence

To improve self-confidence with sports, remember that success is not always going to happen. Failure is inevitable as an athlete. There is no such thing as a perfect team. There will always be failure and success within a season, so look at a win as a pat on the back for contributing to the team and use it as fuel for self-confidence. Use a loss as an opportunity to learn from mistakes made throughout the game, and as a step closer to improving confidence and skill.

A simple way to improve confidence is to practice. Improving confidence requires a lot of hard work and dedication to a sport. Athletes in major leagues practice constantly, even in the off-season. Practice is crucial, for it will be shown through practice that you will be determined to want more challenges. This determination is the self-confidence and skill improvement coming into view. 

Additionally, try to focus more on things you struggle with. For example, an athlete is skillful at their sport but crumbles under pressure. With this, they should try to find drills or practices that help them improve managing pressure, so instead of being fearful of pressure they become more comfortable with it and can manage it.

However, improvement doesn’t come easy, and it takes time. Practicing is one of the fastest but tiresome methods to improve confidence. One has to learn to be persistent and determined to see progression within their confidence.

Another way to improve self-confidence is to be in control of your mind. Confidence has a lot more to do with mentally than physically. A lot of it consists in the brain and learning how to be mentally controlled with your thoughts will help improve an athlete’s focus and directive. An athlete is not going to perform to the best of their ability if they are being negative and walking on the field with a bad mindset. However, if an athlete walks on the field determined to win, mentally prepared, and ready to play to the best of their ability, they will be more likely to be successful on the field. 

Some things that can help you become more mentally prepared is to prepare for your upcoming event. The most vital thing to do is to focus on the goal you want to achieve, and some things you can do beforehand to help you. Treat it as if it was the day of a test for school. Studying and preparing for it would give you a better chance of getting a good grade on it, rather than walking into it with no practice. It works the same way with sports.

Self-confidence is one of the most important factors of being a good and skillful athlete, but also one of the hardest to obtain. As a person that struggles with confidence on the field, using the tips addressed in this article is something to be considered, as it has helped me. Remember to be persistent with the process, as gaining this confidence can be tedious.