Top 5 Best Thanksgiving Foods

(Phtoo Source: PEXELS)

(Phtoo Source: PEXELS)

Bella Huggins, Writer

With the holiday season on it’s way, Thanksgiving is coming soon. While everyone may be focused on Hannukah, Christmas, or other holidays this season, no holiday special foods can top Thanksgiving dishes/food. 

Thanksgiving is known for being a day of gratitude and blessings. However, in today’s world, people seem to most closely relate it to turkeysand good food. 

There are many different dishes served on the Thanksgiving table and there’s an ongoing debate of what the best dish is. This list is my own personal opinion on traditional Thanksgiving dishes that does not discourage anyone else’s thoughts, and it will be exploring any type of food commonly served at Thanksgiving.

5. Stuffing

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Stuffing finds itself low on the list due to the strong controversy it brings. It is either adored or despised, and rarely finds itself in between. Stuffing usually consists of bread, egg, onion, butter, poultry seasoning, celery, and chicken. It normally has a drier consistency and is tossed together in some sort of casserole type dish, or it is stuffed inside of the turkey, hence the name. It contains usually a lot of fat, sodium, and carbs, and is high in calories. But, it is still delicious. 

4. Turkey

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This dish is composed of a fully cooked broad-breasted white turkey. It is basted and cooked after removing the insides which are in a small bag inside of the turkey. Whatever was packaged inside of the turkey is normally replaced with herbs, vegetables, and/or fruits to flavor and offer a nice aroma to the dish. Turkey has a lot of proteins, vitamins and minerals, and is relatively low in fat. It also contains tryptophan, the amino acid that is used in producing seretonin, that is known for making people sleepy. So, when the family is nodding off watching football or cleaning up after dinner, turkey is usually the one to blame.

3. Rolls

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Rolls are simple but sweet, whether they’re homemade family recipe rolls, or storebought bread rolls, they can really tie the whole table together. Not only do they go well when combined with almost every other food, but they can be used as an appetizer, a break in between bites, or as leftovers! 

Rolls contain a lot of carbohydrates and are often paired with butter or margarine. Although they may not look like much, I do not recommend skipping out on this part of the meal!

2. Corn

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Corn, served on or off the cob, is another staple of Thanksgiving foods, specifically one of the most delicious Thanksgiving vegetables. Boiled, buttered, salted, and served, corn is by far one of the easiest dishes to prepare as well as being one of the best tasting. 

It is also able to be mixed in bites with almost any other dish adding to it’s own flavor and the flavor of the other dishes. Corn is low in sugar and fat, and it is a slow-digesting food which means it does not cause large, unhealthy spikes in blood sugar. Corn is delicious and versatile and is sure to find a place on many plates this year. 

1. Mashed Potatoes

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Mashed potatoes are made of boiled and crushed potatoes usually mixed with butter and milk. Not only does mashed potatoes go with every bite of food, like corn, but it also tastes great on its own with or without the addition of gravy. Mashed potatoes are very rich in the antioxidant, Vitamin C, and can normally be made in a way that has strong health benefits. 

They tend to have a consistency that is strange but delicious and can even have an effect of melting in your mouth, when you take a bite. Mashed potatoes are by far the best Thanksgiving dish overall based on texture, accessibility, versatility, and taste. 

Honorary Mentions

Without skipping any of the other delicious, but less common dishes, I have to give a shout out to cranberry dishes, pies and other desserts, mac and cheese, yam/sweet potato dishes, and any other casseroles. This list is based solely off of the most common foods served at the dinner table, and is to be used as a suggestion or reminder for the upcoming holiday. Remember to be thankful for all you have and bless your life with the new opportunities to come. Happy Thanksgiving!