Should There Be More School Guidance Counselors?

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Bella Poore

Nationwide, Guidance counselors struggle to give students the attention they need and seek; students around the world outnumber the number of counselors by drastic amounts, causing the counselors not to be able to give them the attention they need and seek. School counselors are crucial for students to have a successful outcome academically, physically, and mentally. Without the proper amount of guidance counselors, it can cause major corruption for students and the education system nationally. 


 In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts alone, there needs to be over a thousand more school guidance counselors in order to have the proper amount of support going through the school systems. Pentucket Regional Middle-High has three school guidance counselors for high school students, and two for middle school students. The number of students that attend grades nine through twelve is around 600. In Massachusetts, the average student-to-school counselor ratio is 364 to one. This is an issue because the recommended student-to-school counselor ratio is 250 to one. Last year, from 2020 to 2021, the ratio was 415 to one.

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“We need more school counselors in order to make sure that all students have someone to be there for them, especially if they do not feel comfortable with someone at home,” states Regan Breen, a ninth-grade student at Pentucket. School counselors are essential because they are most helpful in the high school years, from anywhere to being there when you entail someone to talk to or when it comes time to plan out the life situation to be successful outside high school.  Without the help of counselors, students could have nobody to go to for help mentally. Without the proper help, students can suffer mentally, and that affects students’ work and effort tremendously. It can cause students to lose motivation, not put effort into their work, and not do well in school. With the proper attention from school guidance counselors, it can cause students to not be able to part take in school mentally, and sometimes physically because they can not take the stress and situation of the school. 


 Another student at Pentucket states that “there should be more school counselors at Pentucket and around the nation.” They acknowledge that “School Guidance counselors now have a lot on their plate, and may not always have the correct time for students to make their requirements achieved.” This is likely the case because a school guidance counselor’s job is never over; it continues throughout the day and is brought home with them at night. Sometimes with having a ton of students to deal with, it can be hard to focus on everyone that needs help.    


One student said that, “Without the help of my guidance counselor, I can sometimes feel lost between my school work, my sports, and my life at home.” This is true for many people because work overload can cause students to be stressed out and not do well in school, sports, and life outside of school. With the help of guidance counselors, students can stay on the right path suited for them, and to keep school, sports, and other activities balanced.


The shortage of school guidance counselors is an issue that should be addressed and looked upon. Without the correct number of counselors, it can cause major corruption in the education system. It can also cause students to not fully think out their futures, and it can cause counselors to stress about having too much to do. Changes can be made me school systems looking at how to arrange to get more counselors on board. Also, people who want to be guidance counselors trying to go to school to be one to help out the nationwide issue. With the help of others and taking more action towards this issue, there can be more help available for all students.

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