Top Scenic Locations in West Newbury

Long Hill Orchard. Photo Source: Johnny Igoe

Long Hill Orchard. Photo Source: Johnny Igoe

Johnny Igoe, Writer

Long Hill Orchard

Long Hill Orchard was established in 1896. The farm offers many fun activities, such as apple picking, tractor rides, ice cream, and feeding the farm animals. Long Hill Orchard is great for families and kids. The staff members here do a wonderful job everytime I visit for ice cream. I definitely suggest stopping here if you are in the area.   


Merrimack River

Photo Source: Johnny Igoe

The Merrimack River has many scenic spots along the way. This river starts from the middle of New Hampshire and empties out through the mouth in Newburyport MA. The river offers many activities, such as boating, fishing, swimming, rock jumping, and more. My family and I have a lot of fun on the Merrimack River. It is definitely a top spot in West Newbury. 


Page School

Photo Source: Johnny Igoe

Right behind the Page School, you can capture many beautiful moments from sunrise to sunset, with a field that overlooks great landscapes and nature. The Page School also has two hiking trails leading to the river, which are the green and red trails.     


Cherry Hill Reservoir

Photo Source: Johnny Igoe

The Cherry Hill Reservoir is located on the southern border of West Newbury. This reservoir is also West Newbury’s water supply. People like to walk along the trail that goes around the Reservoir that brings you to one of the Greenbelt trails. There are also many great bird sightings here.


Riverbend Trail

Photo Source: Newburyport Daily News

The Riverbend trail is mostly scenic, with the deep woods it provides. At high tide this trail can become very muddy. There are bridges along the way to help people get across creeks and streams. The Riverbend trail also has a great spot that overlooks the Merrimack River. 


Ash Swamp

Photo Source: Johnny Igoe

While driving or walking across the Ash Swamp, you will definitely see a bunch of wildlife either on the road, in the water, or in the sky. Throughout the seasons this place will always have wonderful scenery to be experienced.