Are Students Being Set Up For Success?

(Photo Source: PEXELS)

(Photo Source: PEXELS)

Nina Gordon, Writer

A majority of people in America spend most of their young life going to school to get an education. But does everything that is taught in school set up a student for the real world?

Yes, students at Pentucket are informed about the opportunities to go to other agricultural or Technological schools such as Essex North Shore or Whittier Tech for their high school education if they have an idea of what they want their career to be. However, what about the students that are unsure about their future?

When asking students at Pentucket their thoughts on if classes at the school set a student up for success,  their answers were fascinating. 

When asked if classes at school set up students for the real world, senior, Kiki Sylvanowicz states, “I think that classes do not necessarily push people back, but they do not set them up.”

Many people responded with answers similar to this. Students believe there could be more done in the school system to better set themselves up for real life situations and success later in life.

People believe that there are many classes that are not beneficial to students. 

Sophomore, Brie Brancato speaks passionately about this subject. She states, “Many required classes only set up students for success in a particular field. Yes, chemistry and biology classes are useful for students looking into science careers, but that’s about it.”

Sophomore, Mia Bartholomew states, “I could graduate from high school and college and still not have everything I need to be prepared in the world. Some of the elective classes that give you important life skills aren’t really talked about so no one really knows about them.”

Classes in high school are supposed to make a student feel like they are somewhat prepared for the world outside of academic doors. It is the school’s responsibility to do that. And if schools lack this type of leadership, many students will go through high school with no benefits or no true desire to learn.

Students came up with a wide variety of classes that they think could be beneficial for students at school, such as home economics and mental health class. 

If school could become more of a place where students feel they are getting the support and guidance they need for their future, students will not only get the benefits of important classes like English and math, but they will also get the benefit of learning how to do taxes, manage their mental health, and overall, provide for themselves.