What Is Your Least Favorite Social Media?

(Photo Source:PEXELS)

(Photo Source:PEXELS)

Bella Huggins, Writer

Teenagers are stereotyped for being glued to their phones and for being obsessed with social media. While that may be true, are there some social media platforms that teenagers don’t like? 


Social media can be hated for a lot of reasons, one of these is the unrealistic ideas of beauty promoted through photoshopped pictures

A sophomore at Pentucket states, “I don’t like instagram. I think it is one of the main picture sharing apps that promotes unhealthy standards and makes people feel bad about themselves just because they don’t look like some influencer that doesn’t even have real photos anyway.”


This app is well known for being a teenager’s favorite, but there are a lot of people who do not like the way Snapchat has affected their lives. 

A student at Pentucket says, “I think snap is only ever good for starting drama, screenshots, people posting on stories about other people, deleting chats, taking pictures of people, the whole thing is messed up and people always are mad about it but continue to use it.” 

(Photo Source:PEXELS)

Another anonymous student says, “I love it but it is kind of dangerous when you think about it like all the random people could be scary.”

(Photo Source: PEXELS)

Tik Tok

Complaints about this well-liked social media app were not really about the app itself but more about how much time people spend on it. Many students say they caught themselves “scrolling for hours” or that whenever they were bored their “first instinct was to go on Tik Tok.” This is common with a lot of people and a lot of different apps.

Social media can be used as a tool and a good way to connect with others, but it is also important to be wary of not only how often it is being used but all of the possible downsides to the apps as well.