Should MCAS Testing be Removed from Schools?

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Emily Bethmann, Writer

For many, MCAS testing is one of the most dreaded times of the year. Students have to sit down and take a three-hour test in a quiet room. It can be difficult to focus, as many struggle to concentrate on a task for long periods of time. With math MCAS coming up in May, students and staff have lots to say about the test. The question is: should MCAS be removed from schools?

Sophomore Katie Hella said, “It’s not a reliable show of where everyone is. They could have amazing grades and not be a good test taker.” She also added, “The school should gather information about the student’s progress, but MCAS is not the right way to do it.”

Another student, Sam Beegan, said that MCAS “is a waste of time.” She believes that it should not be a requirement to graduate, as many other schools don’t have the same kind of testing system.

However, MCAS is used in a variety of ways and has many benefits to schools and students. It helps the state to identify schools and districts that need extra support. Also, it allows parents to check on their children’s progress and see if they are meeting their grade-level expectations.

Ms. Kobuskie, an English teacher here at Pentucket, believes that MCAS “is useful in the sense that these are skills that students should have.” She also added, “As a teacher, I find the scores to be helpful.” Kobuskie uses the scores to see how students are performing in her class, which allows her to know who needs more support, and what. 

All that being said, there is no real way to know if MCAS should be taken out of practice or not, as everyone has a different opinion. Some, such as teachers and the state, use the scores to provide necessary support for schools in need. On the other hand, many students struggle with the length of the test and staying focused. 

Overall, Pentucket has a wide range of opinions on the MCAS test. However, no matter how students and staff feel, the MCAS test is here to stay for the near future.