• NHS Food Drive - Month of February
  • Half Day - February 16th
  • February Break - February 19th - February 23rd
  • President's Day - February 19th
  • Valentine's Day - February 14th
  • Black History Month - February 1st - February 29th

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    Helen BurkeDec 6, 2023 at 2:00 pm

    I understand the deal with deadlines. At the end of Quarter 3 of my junior year, I was out of school sick for an entire week. When I came back, I had two days to try to bring up my grades in all of my classes. If my teachers were strict about deadlines, I would have been in deep trouble. That quarter of high school, I was taking on way too many responsibilities and was already stressed out enough. I am thankful that most of my teachers were understanding about my situation and let me get in the assignments later, while I was still rushing to complete everything.