Top Ten Annoyances

1. When your phone is at 1%

You look at your phone, and the tears start swelling in the corners of your eyes.  Crap!  Your phone is almost dead, maybe you’re at school, two hours away, or you lost your charger.  The reality that our cell phones may not be present, may not be alive, sends shakes to our hands and chills up our spines.

2. Shopping at Forever 21

Too many clothes; too many rooms; too many people, the disorganization makes you  scream!  “STOP THE MADNESS!”

3. Using text speak in public

“OMG LOL! Can you believe this, AH TTYL BFFL!”  Over the years that texting has been in existence, texting lingo has surfaced as the norm for texters everywhere.  However, it is too much when people use these abbreviations in everyday conversations.   Like do you know English?

4. Reality TV

The drama, the fights, the numerous amounts of lovers up in each other’s business; Reality TV these days drives people crazy.  It began as a form of entertainment, but now it comes in a  whole new form of the devil that could burn holes in your ears.

5.  Weight-fanatics

People constantly obsessed with weight, working out, diet fads, and diet pills.  All these people do is complain if they look fat; complain that they can’t eat some fries.  Shut up and go eat some cake! 

6. People who walk slow

Pentucket itself is an issue to navigate through, with all the love making hallway couples, clichés, and oversized backpacked freshmen.  However, the worst is definitely the slow walkers.  The people who walk the speed of a turtle as you are trying desperately to run through the halls to your next class, and end up getting stuck behind the herd of slow walkers.  Not a good time.

 7. Moms

“ASHLEY DO THIS” “ASHLEY DO THAT” “ASHLEY DON’T EAT THAT CUPCAKE YOU’RE GUNNA GAIN WEIGHT…”  Alright anyone else get overly annoyed in the mom category? Because I definitely do.  Always up in your business, telling you what to wear, what to do, who to be; like, um, no– I’d rather not thanks.

8. Rapid pen clickers

CLICK. CLICK.   CLICK. CLICKETY. CLICKETY. CLICK. CLICK.  The clicks get in your head, the constant taps get stuck in your head like an addictive Katy Perry song, and it slowly drives you into insanity.  It gets to you until you have a panic attack and start running around, hands in the air like the world is about to end.

9. Loud gum chewer

Pretty much this person is a HIPPO chomping around with their gum way to loud you can’t even think.  They are in your ear; it’s disgusting.  Like can you please go move your disgusting mouth somewhere else? I’m done.

10. Freshmen

Big backpacked, loud mouthed, hallway hoarded freshmen.  EW!