Beauty: a Word People Across the World are Trying to Define


What is beauty?  This is a question girls are constantly asking themselves in order to attempt to fit into societies ‘strict’ guidelines.


A young journalist from the United States, Priscilla Yuki Wilson, has attempted to answer this frequent question by conducting a personal experiment where she sent a natural photo of herself to photo editors in 18 countries with the simple statement: “Make me beautiful.”


What she received was 18 pictures of a woman, who looked similar to her, but with different, skin, hair, facial structure, and eyes.  The photos received challenged the idea of beauty, and the definition of a ‘perfect’ woman.


This poses a question that desperately needs to be changed, why isn’t a natural woman considered beautiful, just the way she is?  Priscilla spoke about her experience, and concern, with the beauty world. “I am living in a culture that’s still adjusting to my kind of face,” she explains. “I was taught that my natural self did not comply with conventional standards set forth by society, saying fairer skin is better, straighter hair is more attractive, and that skinny tastes good.”


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