Your Ugliness Could Be Costing You

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”


Although a cute thought, this saying is rarely, if ever, followed. It goes against human nature.


Will Rogers said, “you will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” No truer words have been spoken. Every single day almost every person you come in contact with is, to some degree, judging you. People, whether they know it or not, whether they will admit to it or not, are sizing you up on superficial things: how you dress, how you look, and how you carry yourself.


Before you start hating on me, I’m not AT ALL saying that appearance makes the person; however, I am saying that your looks have a significant impact on the way in which you are perceived, which can (and mostly likely will) affect you in life.


Everyday, like it or not, the way you dress and how you put yourself together is sending a message to the world and the people you see throughout your day. If you dress frumpy and sloppy, you’re going to come off frumpy and sloppy. If you dress in raunchy, trashy clothing, you’re going to come off raunchy and trashy. If you dress nice, classy, and collected, you’re going to come off- yes, you guessed it- nice, classy and collected.


In addition to how you dress, how you take care of yourself shows, and it makes a huge impact. Here are the facts:


  1. 1.    Fit People Make More Than Fat People

According to a 2004 study conducted by George Washington University using data collected by the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, it found that obese people get paid significantly less. Normal-weight males earn $4,772 more annually as opposed to their obese counterparts. Unfairly, for females, being obese can have far more detrimental affects. Women who are of average weight have shown to make $8,666 more annually than those who are obese. The study also showed that it is much more difficult for those who are struggling with obesity to acquire a raise. On the other hand, skinny men tend to make less than their bigger, more muscular coworkers.


  1. 2.    Don’t Wear Makeup, Don’t Make (as much) Money

Also, the amount of makeup a woman wears also has been shown to contribute to her salary. According to a study funded by Procter & Gamble, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston University, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in the American Economic Review, women who wear make-up can make 30 percent or more money in pay than non-makeup wearing workers.


  1. 3.    Blondes Make Bank

Make any joke you want about them, but that doesn’t change the facts: blondes make more money than women of any other hair color. The light haired ladies’ pay increase can be equivalent to a pay increase one would see from an additional year of education, the Queensland University of Technology study says. After surveying 13,000 women, they found blondes make seven percent or more money than any other hair color. Sorry, brunettes.



  1. 4.    Tall People Make Tall Stacks

According to a 2004 study by Timothy Judge at the University of Florida, every inch of height you physically attain is equivalent to an additional $789 a year. For example, somebody who is 5’9 makes approximately $5,000 more per year than somebody who is 5’3, having nothing to do with skill but everything to do with height.


Obviously, this is not fair but that is the world we live in today. Life is not fair. You could cry all you want about it but that is not going to change anything. This is life in the big city, honey. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to break out my six-inch heels.