Boston University Theatre Field Trip

On October 23rd Pentucket’s Advanced Acting and Theatre 1 classes embarked on a journey to the Boston University Theatre in (you guessed it) Boston. The purpose of the trip was to see a production of “Of Mice and Men”, which was very well put together and executed. The cast was very small, having only 7 members, but was made up of an experienced actress and several capable actors. The production was meant as an education through theatrical experience, as the cast explained after the show. The lighting was very well done, with only subtle changes occurring throughout, and the set changes were very interesting. All set changes were done as a transition from one scene to the next, which made the passing of time or movement from one place to the next much more believable. All of the characters stood out in a big way, and it would be tough to pick one that was the best portrayed, had the character Lennie not been included. Lennie was shown to be a complete human being, with the real challenges and difficulties faced by someone with developmental issues without the stereotypes typically associated therein. All in all, the trip into Boston was quite a success, and provided both a great deal of entertainment and a good learning experience.

Other highlights included a trip to McDonalds, a sighting of the one and only Pentucket Alumni, Jonathan Acorn, and a close encounter with a Tony Award.