Senior Article

Being a Senior. What’s it like? What should I expect? Does it really go by as fast as people say?

Well, who knows? Time certainly does seem to fly by, much as many Seniors have insisted, but there are those for whom time doesn’t seem to move much at all. It all depends on how ready one is to get out of the house and head off to college or work, and some people just can’t stand high school. The majority of seniors seem to agree that yeah, senior year is going by quickly.

Senior Year is like all of the years before it, and it’s also completely different. It’s a little like how it felt being the oldest back in middle school or elementary school, but it’s nothing even close. When you look back at high school you tend to wonder things like ‘wait, what did I even do?’ or ‘wait, since when was I so old?’. Senior year is kind of like that only with more ‘oh god I’m a senior? What?’, and the way you look at how you spend the day changes completely. Senior year is a time when things change entirely, partially due to being older and more ‘mature’ than when high school first started.

A lot of Senior year is about the people that you will leave behind, ‘your’ underclassmen. This is especially true for those involved in one of Pentucket’s extracurriculars, such as track, band, or theatre, which bring you a lot closer to your peers. From the ‘little’ freshmen to next year’s seniors, a lot of your time is spent with people younger than you. Without realizing it, many of them look up to you and are influenced by just about everything you do and say. You don’t always realize it either, and that can sometimes be a bad time, while other times it’s a good thing.

There is really no way to predict how your senior year will go, as everyone’s senior year is very different. Some people are swamped with a full schedule of classes, while others have as many study halls as classes. You may spend your senior year playing cards in a study hall with underclassmen, or you may end up in way too many AP classes, doing homework until you can’t feel your arm anymore. Others even take a class or two at NECCo or another local college, and a few take several classes instead of regular high school classes. So what you could really predict about your senior year is that it will be very different from anyone’s expectations, and that you’ll just have to go with the flow. Senior year will be whatever you make it, and it all depends on the attitude you bring to the table so embrace it and enjoy your last year here at Pentucket.