The Exception that Proves that Money CAN Buy Happiness

Money can’t buy happiness, right?
You’ve probably been told that your entire life, and, in most cases, I think it proves to be a pretty accurate statement; however, whoever proclaimed it true clearly forgot one HUGE exception: dogs.
Here are five reasons why dogs are the outlier to the timeless saying:
1.) They Greet You Like Royalty(…Which Makes You Happy)
When you come home from school or work, who makes sure you are immediately greeted with affection and attention? Who makes you feel like the royal highness you think you are? Your dog.
2.) 99 Problems But Your Dog Ain’t One(…Which Makes You Happy)
You’ve had a rough day, and you are in desperate need of somebody to vent to without feeling judged. If you are a dog owner, I guarantee you that you have experienced this feeling at least 100 times. Your dog is the best listener money can buy. They are judgement free, won’t interrupt you, and, at the end of your vent-sesh, you will typically come out feeling better about whatever you’ve been struggling with. (If you didn’t buy yourself a dog, you’ve got 99 problems and not having a dog is definitely one of them.)
3.) Unconditional Love(…Which Makes You Happy)
Dogs are one of the few things in life that offer unconditional love. They don’t hate, they could care less about how much money you have, they don’t discriminate, they are judgement free, and they don’t hold grudges. There is a quote, author unknown, that says, “dogs are the only creature on earth that love you more than himself.” (Fun fact: When dogs see their owners, their brain releases the same substances are humans do when they are in love.)
4.) Buying a Dog Could Make You Live Longer(…Which Makes You Happy)
According to a multiple studies, there is a link between people who have experienced a long life and people who own dogs. Dr.  Thomas Lee, Co-Editor in Chief of the Harvard Heart Letter, says, ““People who have dogs live longer than people who have cats, and the assumption has been that dogs naturally cause their owners to be more active. [Also], the emotional benefits of having an affectionate creature are also one of the theories for why dog-lovers live longer.”
5.) Your Dog is (basically) a Mini-You (…Which Makes You Happy)
It is absolutely true that dogs adopt their owners’ traits, and when it comes down to it, your dog becomes a reflection of your personality. Who doesn’t want another one of themselves walking around all furry and cute??
“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness clearly never paid an adoption fee.”