Lance Bass

As little kids, we all look up to musician, actors, and actresses. Young girls, especially, tend to have crushes on boy bands that are popular at the time. Today, young girls have crushes on the members of One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. As a little kid, I loved N’Sync and more specifically, Lance Bass. At the age of four and throughout my childhood, I was thoroughly convinced that I was going to marry Lance Bass. When I was seven, I found out that Lance Bass was gay. This didn’t really affect me very much because at the young age of seven years old I had no idea what that word meant. At the age of 11, I, still being in love with Lance Bass, found out what homosexuality was. My parents explained it to me and I thought that was pretty cool. Soon, I realized that I would never marry Lance Bass.

On December 20, Lance Bass got married to his longtime partner, Michael Turchin. They were married at the Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. The guest list started out at 750 people, and was cut down to around 300 people. Fortunately, his former N’Sync bandmates (minus Justin Timberlake) made it onto the guest list. The wedding had a “go big or go home” feel with supermodel flower girls, high-end fashion, and celebrity performers. How could it not be over the top with Sharon Sacks, wedding planner for Kim and Kanye, in charge? The wedding was even filmed and will air as a TV special on Valentine’s Day. The wedding was a success. Bass posted a picture on instagram with the caption “MAGICAL NIGHT! We laughed, We cried, We married. #LanceLovesMichael”. I wish I had been invited.  I am still a bit in denial, so I know there would have been some tears.  However, I am also really happy for them. I guess it was time that both Lance and I grew up.