The Bachelor

Romance, jealously, and drama.
Those are three words that perfectly describe Monday’s season premiere of ABC’s hit reality show, The Bachelor. 
On its nineteenth season, the show takes thirty single women and one lucky man and places them in beautiful, unrealistic, fantasy locations. They go on extravagant dates in hopes that, by the end of the season, the bachelor will have narrowed down from thirty women to one, and, usually, there is a proposal in the end.
Note: The relationships produced in this show are generally short-lived (with a couple of exceptions).
So, what should you look forward to in this season of The Bachelor?
1.) The Bachelor Himself: Prince Farming
The bachelor, Chris Soules, is a down to earth, good looking guy. He is your average run-of-the-mill farmer from a small Midwest town, and, so far, he seems to be a pretty relatable guy. Only drawback? He has some awkward feminine qualities which make me a bit questionable.
2.) Drama
There. Are. 30. Women. Yes, 30. When there are 30 women living in one house fighting over one guy, you know there is going to be some serious drama coming up. Stay tuned for that.
3.) Heaps of Tears
On the previews for the upcoming episodes, there were boatloads of tears from not only every girl there, but Chris as well! (See what I mean when I said, he’s “questionable?”) Anyways, tears make good television. You know something bad is going to happen.
4.) Jealousy
Shannon Fitzgerald, a Bachelor fan, said, “[the women] were all getting very possessive very quickly, and it’s not like he’s super awesome? He’s a farmer.” Shannon couldn’t have said it better. The girls are pretty clingy. One girl, verbally pushed another girl out of the way when she saw the other girl talking to Chris. What do I mean by “verbally pushed out of the way?” She simply stood there while Chris was talking to the other girl. Our “verbal pusher” would not shut her drunk mouth until she got to talk to Chris. Upon the girl-who-Chris-was-talking-to’s departure, the “verbal pusher” picked a yellow rose in the garden and, figuratively, shoved the rose down the girl’s throat. The girl who was “pushed” was very upset. When there is jealousy, there is drama.
Basically, The Bachelor is a must watch.