Freestyle Apping

Snap Chat. Instagram. Doodle Jump. These are all some of the most influential iPhone apps of all time. However, they are all trumped by the supreme greatness of RapChat. As perfectly worded by senior, Jeremy Binding, “RapChat is the greatest thing since sliced bread.” RapChat is the newest app that connects people with their friends, however in an extremely unique way. Instead of messaging or sending pictures like SnapChat, users are able to send short, freestyle raps to their friends. RapChat provides users with a selection of over 15 filthy beats to rap over. RapChat is revolutionizing not only the music game, but social media as well. Senior, Zachary Ray Dresser claims, “[RapChat] perfectly integrates the entertainment and social industries…it is the future of applications.” Dresser is a frequent “Rap Chatter” and is also known for spitting hot fire on the track.


Along with the fact that this app is extremely unique, it is also very fun to use. Unlike most other forms of communication, this app allows people to express their creativity. As senior John-Luc Sarkis describes it “RapChat allows me to express my mind in a way that most other apps can’t.” RapChat is also stimulating in a way that is not like any other messaging program. Users must be able to create and work out rhymes and rhythms on the spot. This is not only challenging, but also fun.


The only major flaw with this app is the lack of people that use it. It is not very widely known, which limits the number of people users can send their raps to. In this instance, the more is truly the merrier. If you’re reading this article and do not have RapChat follow these basic steps:

1.) Go to the App Store and download RapChat

2.) Activate your RapChat account

 3.) Send me a RapChat


After completing these steps, you will instantly be amazed at the freestyling awesomeness that is RapChat. Spread the word that RapChat is the app to have. Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your cat. Tell everyone to get this app. Join the RapChat revolution!