What Does Your Car Say About You?

You can often tell a lot about a person by the car they drive. Are you wondering what your car says about you? Find your car below and find out!


(Pre-warning: This article is JUST FOR FUN and is not meant to offend anybody. Also, keep in mind that I am not the one who is saying these quotes. Don’t blame the messenger.)


 Subaru Outback

Verdict: You lean toward the left politically, you’re all about Whole Foods Supermarkets, and you probably have cranked out a couple kids

  • “A mom-mobile” -Tony Dalton, Pentucket senior
  • “Democratic teacher.” -Nick Fantini, St. John’s Prep junior
  • “Probably a family car” -Emma Silverthorne, Pentucket junior
  • “Democratic 45 year old mother of two” -Maddie Obrien, Pentucket junior
  • “I heart Obama” -Adreana Dziadosz, Central Catholic junior
  • “Probably a democrat in their late 40s” -Shannon Wesley, Pentucket junior
  • “An organic eater, maybe with a vegan diet. They enjoy tofu Saturdays and they tea when it’s cold out.” -Garrett Lischke, Pentucket junior
  • “An old lady with a lot of cats.” -Carly Rollins, former Pentucket student


 Volkswagen Bug

Verdict: You are a basic white girl with blonde hair who lives at the beach

  • “It’s always a girl who drives a bug” -Sam Beninati, Pentucket junior
  • “Barbie wannabe/I think I’m cute” -Tori Soucy, Pentucket junior class president
  • “College Girly girl” -Nick Fantini
  • “A girl in college with blonde hair who goes to the beach every day” -Angela Patrikeas, Pentucket junior
  • “Basic white girl” -Tori Coberly, Pentucket senior
  • “Sassy” -Adreana Dziadosz
  • “Short girl from the ages of 16-27” -Kyle Amato, St. John’s Prep junior
  • “I’d be all for it if it were an older beetle, but the new ones just aren’t doing it for me. They say ‘I listen to Paris Hilton Stars are Blind’ that type of thing, in the summertime.” -Garrett Lischke
  • “Wicked white girl with blonde hair. She’s like *high pitched laugh/squeal*” -Carly Rollins



Verdict: You are a monetarily stable middle aged man experiencing a hardcore mid-life crisis driving a wannabe muscle car

  • “The Mustang and Camaro are like rich people cars and it’s usually a guy driving” -Sam Beninati
  • “I’m not allowed to talk about my job” -Tori Soucy
  • “Mid life crisis” -Nick Fantini
  • “Old mans version of the Camaro” -Arioch Monkiewicz, Georgetown High senior
  • “Wannabe muscle car” -Tony Dalton
  • “Having fun with your midlife crisis?” -Emma Silverthorne
  • “Typical mid life crisis” -Olivia Giampietro, Pentucket junior
  • “Tony Repucci looks pretty good in it…staple of sportiness.” -Garrett Lischke
  • “The person in the Camaro I feel would actually be kind of cool but the person in the Mustang is not.” -Anna Slezjer, former Whittier student



Verdict: Sexy, jerky, rich people cars, or the classic mid-life crisis car

  • “The Mustang and Camaro are like rich people cars and it’s usually a guy driving” -Sam Beninati
  • “Mid life crisis” -Nick Fantini
  • “Every young mans dream car” -Arioch Monkiewicz
  • “Having fun with your midlife crisis?” -Emma Silverthorne
  • “Camaro is usually a guy who is about 25 and is a complete jerk” -Olivia Giampietro
  • “Beyoncé” -Tori Coberly
  • “SO sexy” -Carly Rollins
  • “Attractive mid-twenties or thirties guys that have money…I’m feeling like a hot guy would drive that with a sexy girl next to him. Somebody that is put together but has a little edge to them.” -Anna Slezjer


 Toyota Camry

Verdict: This is either the first car of your average high school girl, or, if you are not a high school girl, you are barely getting by financially

  • “The Toyota is like high school students because it doesn’t cost a lot” -Sam Beninati
  • “Pinches pennies” -Tony Dalton
  • “I work but I can barely pay my mortgage” -Tori Soucy
  • “Probably a new driver. My dad is set on getting me this car.” -Emma Silverthorne
  • “Minimum wage laborer” -Nick Fantini
  • “Teeny Bopper” -Adreana Dziadosz
  • “High school girl first car” -Arioch Monkiewicz
  • “The typical high schooler car and the teenager hates it but their parents forced them to get it” -Olivia Giampietro
  • “Stereotypical ‘I’m a new driver’ car. People that have a good commute of about 42 minutes and want to save money on gas.” -Garrett Lischke
  • “My ex-boyfriend. Ugh” -Carly Rollins
  • “First car because it is cheap and easy.” -Anna Slezjer


White Van

Verdict: You are a sketch-ball who likes to ask kids if they want candy…

  • “Definitely a creepy guy who asks kids if they want candy.” -Sam Beninati
  • “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.” -Tori Soucy
  • “You’re a tourist in Europe with a large group or you have a ‘puppy’ in the back” -Emma Silverthorne
  • “Let me just not buy candy, if I had the van. Let’s just leave it at that.” -Garrett Lischke
  • “You’ll get punched, murdered, and put in jail.” -Allie Migliozzi



Verdict: You are a manly construction guy, and you needed this truck to show your toughness

  • “Probably do construction or have some kind of contracting job.” -Tony Dalton
  • “I’m the manliest man” -Tori Soucy
  • “Man who just hit mid life crisis” -Maddie Obrien
  • “A thirty year old guy who needs to get it to prove he’s tough” -Olivia Giampietro
  • “If it’s big and nice, he’s a wealthy man.” -Tori Coberly
  • “Very manly man” -Nick Fantini
  • “The new ones look very pretty. I might think construction. I think ‘oh let me move your couch for you’ kind of thing” -Garrett Lischke
  • “That’s like a Whittier truck. The truck that the Whittier kids have and they think they’re cool and they think they can afford.” -Anna Slejzer (FORMER WHITTIER STUDENT)


 Jeep Wrangler

Verdict: You are a young, fun, attractive person who likes adventures

  • “I think that person would be fun. That’s a really sweet car.” -Tony Dalton
  • “I like adventure” -Tori Soucy
  • “You like surfing.” -Emma Silverthorne
  • “A teenage boy or girl who is probably attractive” -Alana White
  • “Someone who drives a Jeep Wrangler is a beachy person who surfs and like adventure and if it’s a guy driving he is usually very attractive” -Olivia Giampietro
  • “Adventurous person” -Tori Coberly
  • “You’re cool, but I think that people just want a jeep because it’s a jeep and they don’t even go off-roading in them.” -Garrett Lischke
  • “It’s definitely a teenage car. Like between the ages of 16-20” -Allie Migliozzi, former Pentucket student


Cadillac Escalade

Verdict: You are either a drug dealer or a soccer mom with a wealthy husband; people better get out of your way because you are not afraid to hit them in your large vehicle

  • “They got a little bit of cash to spend”-Tony Dalton
  • “Soccer mom who enjoys Pilates and husbands with lots of money” -Tori Soucy
  • “They’re good at driving big cars” -Emma Silverthorne
  • “High class soccer mom” -Arioch Monkiewicz
  • “Narcissistic, anxious, overwhelmed mother.” -Maddie O’brien
  • “#GetTheHeckOutOfMyWayOrIllRamYou” -Adreana Dziadosz
  • “I really enjoy Escalades. Well, I’m kind of biased because I drive one…but they’re like really nice cars, and I feel really safe when I drive them. I think it’s the average high schooler first car. Me and my friend Sam have one, so we like our cars. You can get into car accidents and it doesn’t matter because you’re fine.” -Garrett Lischke
  • “That is my dream car, that is the car I’d like to have. An escalade, I feel is my car.” -Carly Rollins
  • “That’s the kind of car I wish my dad would buy me” -Anna Slejzer
  • “A drug dealer.” -anonymous



Verdict: You are an average, financially-stable house wife who tends to get quickly overwhelmed. You also are a highly talented driver #Respect

  • “Either has a family or a lot of money.” -Tony Dalton
  • “Average family” -Nick Fantini
  • “Soccer mom with lots of kids” -Tori Soucy
  • “35 year old mom of four who thinks she’s the greatest. Helicopter mom.” Maddie Obrien
  • “Overwhelmed house wife” -Adreana Dziadosz
  • “A person who drives a suburban is extremely talented and i admire them” -Olivia Giampietro
  • “Soccer mom. One step up from the mini van” -Hannah Cousins, Pentucket junior
  • “It’s a nice car but, in reality, you really want an escalade but you can’t really afford it, so you choose the suburban. It’s just as nice, just without the luxury effects.” -Garrett Lischke
  • “The kind of car I’d like to have. The cool mom.” -Carly Rollins


 Ford F-150

Verdict: You are a very manly man. You love country music, wear sunglasses indoors, and you may be compensating for something. You also could be a construction company worker/owner or a dad.

  • “I’m a manly man” -Tori Soucy
  • “Manly guy” -Arioch Monkiewicz
  • “Stuck up young man, or an independent company owner that likes to do yardwork.” -Maddie Obrien
  • “Those boys who wear construction boots and sunglasses indoors”-Angela Patrikeas
  • “Listens to country and wears muscle tanks” -Alana White
  • “Some big bald jacked guy who is compensating for something” -Hannah Cousins
  • “F-150 drivers are adult males who usually do some type of construction for work” -Kyle Amato
  • “They’re cozy and they’re like, ‘let me take your leaves and put them in the back of my truck.'” -Garrett Lischke
  • “That’s a dad.” -Anna Slejzer
  • “A dad or a teenage boy who thinks he’s hot **** but doesn’t know **** about cars because Fords break down all the time. Just sayin.” -Carly Rollins



Verdict: You think that you are all about the environment, but in reality you just look kind of dumb and probably don’t care as much about the environment you think it looks like you do

  • “I like to save money and the environment even though I look like a *****” –Anonymous
  • “Flaming liberal tree huggers car” -Arioch Monkiewicz
  • “Tree huggin democratic rainbow party loving tea party hating…hipster” -Nick Fantini
  • “A balding man who goes to work in a suit.” -Angela Patrikeas
  • “Someone who drives a Prius bought the car so everyone thinks they care about the environment but they probably don’t even recycle.” -Olivia Giampietro
  • “A man that loves computers and wears glasses.” -Tori Coberly
  • “… all the good that the ‘Priusi’, if that’s what you want to call it, in the world have done, me and Sam have undone with our Escalades. We ruined it.” -Garrett Lischke


 BMW 6 Series

Verdict: You are a self-centered and incredibly wealthy individual, or your significant other is an incredibly wealthy individual. As the old saying goes, BMW drivers are “upside down porcupines…”

  • “Trophy wife with a sugar daddy” -Arioch Monkiewicz
  • “Very wealthy business man” -Nick Fantini
  • “30 year old narcissistic man who cheats on his wife.” -Maddie Obrien
  • “A middle aged man who probably hates his wife and his kids” -Olivia Giampietro
  • “Gold digger” -Hannah Cousins
  • “You’d buy it for your wife if you just wanted to ‘show your affection'” -Garrett Lischke
  • “Mid-life crisis, like 40 year old man who has all this money; balding” -Anna Slezjer
  • “Probably has money but has a hot little girlfriend, and she has her hair blowing in the passenger seat.” -Carly Rollins


 Mercedes- Benz Sedan

Verdict: You have rich parents, or you are an independent young person

  • “Independent 35 year old women” -Maddie Obrien
  • “You’ve got extra money in your pocket. Try not to get those tires slashed” –Emma Silverthorne
  • “Wealthy family’s child” -Nick Fantini
  • “Middle aged executive” –Arioch Monkiewicz
  • “The Mercedes Benz is a rich guy who wears suits to work or a 20 year old girl who bought it with ‘daddy’s money’” -Olivia Giampietro


 Volkswagen Jetta

Verdict: You are just an average Joe, maybe with a couple quirks here and there

  • “A typical high school girl car but who has some money” -Olivia Giampietro
  • “Average moms car or kids car” -Nick Fantini
  • “You’re a nerd.” -Adreana Dziadosz
  • “You’re just average.” -Tori Soucy
  • “An old persons car, or someone who still wears colorful legwarmers over leggings with a fuzzy fleece jacket that doesn’t match the outfit what so ever” -Tori Coberly
  • “Nice cars because they’re German made so, obviously, it’s great but ya know, it’s no Escalade.” -Garrett Lischke
  • “That’s my car. It’s a teenage girl car. My cars been to hell and back, but the newer ones are like a mom with no kids. ” -Anna Slezjer