Pros and Cons of Being a Short Girl (Under Five Feet Tall)

1. You can wear heels whenever you want and never worrying about being too tall.
2. You are the last to get rained on.
3. Every guy you date will be taller than you, provided that’s what you’re into.
4. They wrote a song about you, and it’s called “Forever Young.” You will never look old.
5. You can easily get through crowds and cut through people in big lines without the fear of ever being caught.
6. Since you’re short, it is a natural human instinct for other people to want to protect you; therefore, it makes asking others for help so much easier.
7. People tend to underestimate you and think you’re “the most innocent little thing they’ve ever seen.” Ha! (Only you know your real story.)
8. You can shop in the kids section which is awesome, because, let’s be real, kids clothes are sometimes way more fun, and they are a hell of a lot cheaper. (Abercrombie Kids for life!!)
9. Studies have shown that, being short, you are considered more trustworthy and sweet. Do with that what you will…
10. People are always calling you cute or adorable. Sometimes this can be nice, but, when over used, it can become the most annoying thing ever.

1. People always pick you up, never having the common courtesy to ask for permission.
2. You can’t go anywhere without someone commenting on your height.
3. You can’t reach the top shelf.
4. Shopping for jeans is a such struggle. Does anybody even sell a 00 short anymore?!
5. When you go to concerts and aren’t able to see over people’s heads, it is not a happy time for you.
6. You are targeted in sports because you look easy to take on.
7. You can’t wear maxi dresses without looking like you’re drowning in the garment.
8. When driving, you have to get cars with extension pedals. (Yes, that is a thing.)
9. You always like the tallest boys, which can come with complications.
10. When people who are over five feet say they are short, you just want to go off at them.