What does your Birthday say about You?

Aries (The Ram)
3/21 to 4/19
Your personality:
• you are very independent and like to do things for yourself.
• bold and straight forward in speech
• likes to have the last word
• enjoys trying new things
• competitive naturally, some more than others
• easily bored
• stubborn
You’re usually prone to:
• headaches
• bouts of anger that typically are short lived

Taurus (The Bull)
4/20 to 5/20
Your personality:
• takes a while to open up
• easily hurt, sensitive
• very persistent
• tries to avoid conflict
• a “yes” type of person
• demanding at times
You’re usually prone to:
• prone to possessiveness
• reoccurring colds
• jealousy or feeling less than

Gemini (The Twins)
5/21 to 6/20
Your personality:
• witty, talkative, charming, flirty
• clever with words
• curious and investigative
• alway doing something
• creative in art or music
• not very emotional
You’re usually prone to:
• sore/strained muscles
• nervousness or anxiety

Cancer (The Crab)
6/21 to 7/22
Your personality:
• very nice, just don’t get them angry
• fueled by there emotions
• protective of their loved ones
• loves being in love
• tends to be good with money
You’re usually prone to:
• stomach aches
• emotional stress

Leo (The Lion)
7/23 to 8/22
Your personality:
• likes when the people they care about are happy
• shyer than most people realize
• likes nights out
• very sensitive
• self conscious
• likes being creative
You’re usually prone to:
• back problems
• feeling powerless

Vergo (The Virgin)
8/23 to 9/22
Your personality:
• reserved and sometimes shy
• fun to be around
• likes to finish what they started
• worries a lot but hides it well
• often defensive
• stands their ground
• people pleaser sometimes
You’re usually prone to:
• allergies or colds
• stress or anxiety

Libra (The Scales)
9/23 to 10/22
your personality:
• fun, flirty, and charming
• may tell little white lies if convenient at the time
• hopeless romantic
• likes the finer things in life
• advocates for justice, likes being fair
You’re usually prone to:
• pain in your lower back
• bouts of anger

Scorpio (The Scorpion)
10/23 to 11/21
your personality:
• loyal… To the right people
• not the most trusting
• private
• may be territorial or possessive because what’s theirs is theirs
• has a powerful personality
You’re usually prone to:
• high fevers
• obsessive behavior

Sagittarius (The Archer)
11/22 to 12/21
Your personality:
• adventurous and fun
• straight forward and blunt but regrets it sometimes
• not very emotional
• forgiving
• good conversationalist
You’re usually prone to:
• sudden sadness
• sudden pain in hip or thigh

Capricorn (The Sea Goat)
12/22 to 1/19
Your personality:
• sarcastic with a type of humor you’ll either love or hate
• emotionally reserved but easily hurt
• silly personality
• may come across bossy
• strives for accomplishments
You’re usually prone to:
• skin irritation
• feeling the need to be in control

Aquarius (The Water Carrier)
1/20 to 2/18
Your personality:
• friendly
• generous by nature
• can seem detached at times
• smart
• loves intellectual conversation
You’re usually prone to:
• lower leg pain
• bouts of loneliness

Pisces (The Fishes)
2/19 to 3/20
Your personality:
• will treat people the way they treat you
• compassionate and easy going
• hates being misunderstood
• loves affection and attention
• always talking about their dreams or past experiences
You’re usually prone to:
• not believing anything without facts