2015 Pentucket Student Council Blood Drive

Pentucket students filled the mini gym Thursday to participate in the Blood Drive, an event hosted by the American Red Cross with the help of student council. Over 65 students donated a pint of their blood that will be shipped to hospitals for patients in need.

To prepare, students had to get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. It was also important for the donors to drink plenty of water, and they were urged to drink an extra 16 ounces before giving blood. After donating blood, the students are told to hydrate and avoid heavy lifting or exercise. These students were willing to sit out at their sports’ practices to support the cause.

The common fears of needles and blood can scare off people from this program. Despite her fears, Senior Maddy Ammon donated blood. She said she was “scared” because she has “never given blood before.”

Donating blood has many benefits for people in need.  One pint of blood can save up to three lives. Senior Tony Dalton was eager to support the cause; he says, “It’s important to save lives, and it’s a simple thing to do to give back.”