Center Stage Theatre Company

Looking for a place where you can be apart of theatre productions in a fun environment? Then check out the Center Stage Theatre Company! A new theatre organization being brought to the West Newbury area by junior Justin Peavey and sophomore Josef Allen.

Center Stage is a non-profit organization with the goal to give the community many opportunities to be part of different kinds of shows; whether they’re performers onstage, members of the backstage crew, or members of the audience.

The inspiration for this idea actually came from a joke between the two friends. They were performing in a show together, where the rehearsals were very unenjoyable to be at. During this time, Justin joked about starting their own theatre company. Josef, who took the idea seriously, created a website for the company that same night.

From that point on, they kept the company going, until it became what it is today.

“We’ve added so much to it, and we’re just so proud of it. It’s like our baby.” Josef says,in regards to the company.

Acting has been a passion of theirs for a long time, and they are very excited that they’ll be getting to share this love with others.

Justin was introduced to acting in his second grade production of “The Greedy Triangle”.He loved the feeling of being onstage and in character, and has been acting ever since. He’s been in over 25 shows, and has also taken lessons at North Shore Music Theatre.

Josef got started in theatre in 8th grade. His art teacher, Mrs.Moore, saw how energetic he was in class, and urged him to try out for the school musical. He ended up getting the lead role in the show, and decided that acting was something he wanted to do for a long time.

For their first show they will be doing William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.  “We’re starting with a classic,” Justin says, excitedly. “It really is a great show because it can incorporate a large community. And also, not many people produce Shakespeare plays anymore.”

At this time they are the only ones running the company, though they are hoping to get some more people involved in the future.

“We have learned a lot about ourselves in this process because it is a huge responsibility, and it’s not something that you normally find two sixteen, seventeen-year-olds doing,” says Justin.

Besides Julius Caesar, they are planning on doing many other productions that they are very excited about.

The two of them are hoping to be able to do a little bit of everything, such as: variety shows (which is the same idea as a talent show), regular dramas, classic plays, musicals, and Shakespeare.

They’re also hoping to one day have a children’s division. Kids can come in and take classes that will help them learn the basics of acting. The kids would spend time “ meeting new people, making new friends, just having a good time being in their own show,” Josef explains.

Also, anyone who wants to audition for their production of Julius Caesar are welcome to sign up. Auditions are Tuesday and Wednesday September 1 and 2, and if necessary callbacks will be held on September 3rd. The play will perform January 15,16, and 17, 2016. You can sign up for auditions at Besides audition sign-ups you will find info about the company, future productions, contests, and more.