We have seven classes a day five days a week for 180 days a year. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could create our own class with a curriculum that we actually want to learn?

I asked students what they would do if they had the opportunity to hand craft their own class. These were the responses I received:


Junior Jordan Spaulding says “A real world class and I would want to learn about how to pay bills like things for a house and phone and file taxes and buy a car and all that stuff.” This class would teach you things you need to know after college, such as how to pay taxes, get a job, buy a house, pay off student loans, and other things such as providing and caring for yourself and a family, and being successful in your life. Junior, Ethan Bridgewater, says “People don’t know how to do anything like buy a house or do their taxes or pay insurance and so on. it needs to help people get through the changes of growing up.” Juniors, Hailey Vlass, Hannah Cousins and Taryn Riley all say this class is a must.


This class would be a English and music based class that covers poetry and the basics of learning to write songs. To take this class, you would have to have a little background in music and you must be a good writer. Junior, Liah Haginicolas, says she would want to “analyze songs or poetry that you like in the class.”


This class would teach you how to make food safely and make things that are good for you. It would teach you the basics on cooking and give you different tips on how to be healthy. Junior, Jaclyn Belanger, says “A cooking class because I can’t cook for s***.” Agreeing with her, junior, Kylie Kennedy, says, “Cooking so we can eat food and learn how to eat healthy.”


Junior, Olivia Hamilton, says “it would probably be a outdoors club but in a class and I would want to learn about how to help our planet.” The class would focus on helping the planet, learning about things you can do to help and actually going out and doing something to help. Olivia goes on to say ” We would actually go out and help the environment….I just wish we could be outdoors more.”


Freshman, Erin Corbiey, says, “It would be something about sports and learning about the history.” This class would pertain to students interested in sports and the history of them. It would cover specific teams as well as the origin of all sports like how they started.


This class would cover how the universe works as well as learning astronomy and the basics of stars and space. Sophomore, Ben Thibeau, says he would want to this class “Because it is something that I find to be very interesting and I would like to learn more about it to understand how the universe around us works.”


This class would revolve around students teaching other students. It would be for the people who want to pursue a career in teaching when they get older. Most likely, there would be an adult in the room to supervise but the students would be the actual teachers. Each student would get a specific thing they need to teach the class. They can use whatever method they would like, give test, quizzes, homework assignments and projects to their class.


This class is the profession and field of study that deals with the economics and management of home and community. The field deals with the relationship between individuals, families, communities, and the environment in which they live. Junior, Nicola Elardo, says, “It’s for students who wanted to go to whittier, but since they didn’t have a music program. Didn’t.

A.k.a. me.”


This class is for those of you who love fashion and keeping up with the new styles that arrive. It would teach you to sew and make your own clothing as well as how to be “in fashion.” Sophomore, Ashley Riter, says the class should be “A current day fashion and design class so you can keep up on fashion and learn how to style.”


This class would be a combination of biology and engineering. It would create a basis for biomedical engineering which is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes, including thing like diagnostic or therapeutic. Junior, Ian Sands, says he would want this class to be able “to explore things like biomedical or biochemical agents to help people or animals,” and he goes on to say that he is interested in becoming a surgeon when he gets older.


This class would be strictly labs only. You would work in the lab all class with minimal homework and tests. The only way to take this class would be to have completed your chemistry requirements first. Junior, Courtney Zimmerman, says, “It should be performing a lot of experiments instead of like last year, which was a lot of learning rare labs. This time have it be a lot of labs and less learning.”


This class would be a history based class. It would teach you about the situations that are happening currently. There would be debates on controversial topics along with learning about news casts and articles that students find interesting and important.