Blogging 101

Has life suddenly become so interesting that it must be written down and shared with the world?  Do you feel the need to be technologically savvy all while displaying details of your life? If so,then it’s time to start blogging.

Student Tiffany Kim at Pentucket Regional High School started her blog “because at the time it was pretty hip.” In today’s day and age, blogging may not be as cool as it used to be, but it is still a popular way of communication.  Now, Kim blogs regularly and loves every minute of it.   Blogging is a way to express yourself by sharing anything you want people to know in the world of the internet. Kim says, “When someone looks at my blog they’ll know who I am.”  

Ms. Costello, the librarian at the Pentucket Regional High School, has a few tricks up her sleeve to help you create a successful blog. She recommends Pentucket students who are interested in blogging to start by going to Google. Google provides many free programs meant to make academic life easier for students.  

Once you arrive at Google, click the square grid in the top right hand corner. Many options will appear but to start a blog, you must click where it says “more” and then “even more” at the bottom. Then, scroll down until you see an orange square that says “Blogger.” Click on it. Then, you will be asked to sign in to Google. Most students use their Schoolloop username and password.

This will take you to the Blogger homepage where you will click “New Blog.” Now here is the most important part of creating a blog, the title. It is important to find the right title for your blog because once a title is in place, it cannot be changed unless the whole blog is deleted and you are forced to start over.

Once you have a title and web address hit “Create Blog.” Now you’re one step closer to becoming an expert blogger. Welcome to the world wide web and happy blogging to you.