Can You Be Cured?

Senioritis, which is the lack of motivation, laziness, and general lack of caring, can be cured by one thing: graduation.  It has a large impact on students ability to learn and focus as their senior year goes on.  After students are accepted to at least one college or university, that is what starts the case of senioritis, but in some cases it is a year long occurance.


Though it is still relatively early in the school year, some already deal with this.  There are mixed feelings from people about senior year, as senior we have a lot to think about and to do.


There are so many activities to get involved in and things to do during the school year, which can help to curb your symptoms like spirit week, halloween, etc.


“I’m not feeling it anymore.  I usually last until third quarter.”, says senior Angela Patriakeas.  There is definitely a downward spiral regarding worth ethic as seniors even while we have not even reached the halfway point of the year.  It’s extremely hard to balance all of our responsibilities at this time, especially with graduation drawing closer and closer, and the countdown is always on the mind.


Many, including Patriakeas, find senior year to be bittersweet and kind of sad, but are counting down the days until graduation.  It is very difficult especially getting back after thanksgiving break, which is also a cause of the loss of motivation amongst seniors.  Coming back to school after thanksgiving break, we have close to three weeks left of school before winter break.  This means that students do not want to apply themselves in this short time that they are back to school.


It is hard to believe to some that we are seniors, “I still feel like I’m a sophomore,” says senior Greg Parachojuk.  How much time has passed between freshman and senior year is definitely crazy to think about.


“The classes are annoying, but it’s great being at the age that we are able to drive,” Greg continued.  People say they do not care anymore, and whether that is what they are saying or if they actually mean it is another story.


Some have to force themselves to keep going and to not lose their motivation, but it’s impossible for many after getting accepted to college.


There is halloween, spirit week, homecoming, color day, spirit night, prom, senior week, and senior celebration to look forward to.


Remember: colleges do not want to see you slack off at the end of the year, and you might regret it in the long run. Also, if you want to get involved in a lot of ways, being lazy will obviously not help your cause.  


Don’t give up seniors!