Summer or Fall? Teenage Stereotype or New England Favorite?

To the most teenagers, summertime is the pinnacle of their youth, but does the average New England teenager beg to differ?

At this time of year when we leave behind the warmth and carefree attitude of summer for the cold and hardworking attitude of fall, a lot of students dread this transition. This may be true for many, but do the majority of students actually prefer the fall because of the New England environment a lot of them were raised in?

Most students’ favorite memories were during the summer. They had the time and freedom to do fun and unique things without care such as camping, cliff jumping, surfing, going to camps, or just hanging out with friends. The chief summer memory for sophomore Jon Holewinski was, “Writing my hit rap single with my boys.”

Or as junior Ian Davis put it, “Camping in Cape Cod, splashing around like a little water baby.”

Students seemed to enjoy most parts of summer such as the freedom, weather, and lack of school. There were portions however, that the students were not too fond of, such as the intense heat, boredom, and the transition period back to school.

Then the question arose, if summer was not the favorite season, then which one was? The answer to that might just be fall. Is it New England blood? Or is it just personal preference?

There seemed to be a lot that the students loved about fall, such as the comfortable weather, seeing friends, sports, the foliage, and as sophomore Emmy Desjardins put it, “Everything about fall is perfect.”

There had to be something people did not like about fall. Turns out, the only thing students did not enjoy was the busyness and homework, beside sophomore Lucas Chory who said, “The hard ground. It’s too hard. It makes me mad.”

To sum up the question, which season was the favorite? After polling the school, 26 out of 50 students prefer fall, while 24 out of 50 prefer summer. In other words, 52% of the school prefers fall, while 48% prefer summer. It’s a close race, but fall narrowly beats out summer as the favorite of Pentucket. It may be personal preference, but there’s always the chance that fall is the New England preference.