Top 5 Parody Twitters

The most popular Twitters are usually run by big name celebrities, but some of the best tweets can be found on on accounts run by anonymous users. Most of these accounts showcase an anticlimactic sense of humor that makes them so funny. Here are some of the best in no particular order:

@RealCarrotFacts is an account focusing on totally real carrot facts. They’re 100% legitimate. “Why carrot facts?” you might ask. As they put it, “Carrot is one of the most famous vegetable in the world.” Along with carrot facts, this user includes pleas to his ex, Megan, in the hopes they’ll get back together. Shockingly enough @RealCarrotFacts and Megan didn’t work out.

With a darkly comedic twist, this dad doesn’t just love his coffee. With tweets riddled with misused hashtags and shout outs to his son, this account is a classic for parody twitters.

Someone who is totally not a cop is just looking to party. His interests include “[shooting] off illegal fireworks… #4thofJuly” and is in fact a “17 year old YOLOer.”

Ever thought you were wearing pants wrong? This account has all the info you need. With helpful gems like, “Feeling down? Put on a nice pair of pants.” and the always informative, “Some things aren’t pants (shoes, dogs, etc.)” this account is so anticlimactic it’s funny.

Likes reading, biking, collecting watches, and tweeting once 5 years ago. This account has gained some internet fame for creating a Twitter purely for one joke.