Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold


Whether it be the lack of it or the overwhelming presence of it, Pentucket students are all too familiar with heat.

On hot summer days, air conditioning keeps people comfortable and happy. On winter days, heat is a necessity. However, with the selective heating and cooling systems at Pentucket, it is quite difficult to feel comfortable throughout the seasons.

There are many differing opinions among students and teachers alike as to whether the school is steadily boiling hot or freezing cold. It all depends on where you reside throughout the school day. Pentucket sophomore Caroline Cloutier explained, “It is not consistent.”

Matt Maloney insisted that the school is “cold, especially on Mondays when the school has been cold for the weekend.”  When asked to describe the school as a season, Matt’s immediate answer was, “winter.”

“I’m fairly comfortable in a hoodie, but a little more heat would be nice,” said Matt. He and many others have trouble finding a comfortable outfit to wear that will suit the fluctuating temperature of the school each day.

At Pentucket it is not uncommon to be walking down the hallway sweating and to be shivering ten steps later.  Some may wonder why the temperature differs so much. Mrs. Costello, Pentucket librarian, explained, “The library is directly correlated with the weather outside.” She explained that, because of the high ceiling in the library, the heat rises, making it one of the colder areas in the school.

On the other hand, Mrs. Ducolon’s room is one of the warmer ones. She described her room as the warmest room in the English wing and said that it is way too hot. Mrs. Ducolon said Dr. Bent even comes down the hall in the winter just to warm up. A common thing that Mrs. Ducolon hears as other people enter her room is, “Oh my god, it’s so hot in here! Open a window!”

“I get really annoyed,” said Mrs. Ducolon. When asked if the temperature of her classroom is an issue, she said “yes.” The extreme temperature in her classroom makes her students distracted and sleepy. The continuous flow of complaints tend to aggravate her.

When the warmer months at the school were mentioned, students cringed. “On warmer days it is way too hot in school,” said Abby Coffman.

Liam McDonough described his distaste towards warmer weather by saying that the lack of air conditioning at the school makes him sweat more than he would like.

So make sure you throw on a t-shirt and shorts in the morning! Or maybe a coat.