Why Everyone Should Take Journalism

Why Everyone Should Take Journalism

Max Masterson, Writer

Regardless of what grade you’re in, everyone has that class in the school day that you always look forward to. It is simply an outlet. Whether it be a creative outlet, emotional outlet, or any kind of outlet, there is always a class you’re able to stop and take a breath from a busy school day. For me, in my first semester of junior year, that class was journalism. I’m not solely saying because I need to finish my portfolio for the midterm, or because I want a better grade, but because journalism is genuinely an experience, and a good one at that.

In journalism, you will develop your style, what you like to write about, and how you write. Mrs. Lukianov makes this clear in the beginning; this is your work, so you can write about anything you could ever want to write about. And if you are ever in need of topics, she will give you ideas until your brain can’t hold anymore. Or, you can discuss with your classmates. In my class, every day there was something new to talk about, lots of which became articles from students in the class.

There are classes in high school where you just simply want to do well to pass, but in journalism it is the polar opposite. In this class, you want to write more stories because it is important, and you know you are having an impact on people, even it is just yourself or your friends. Your work is getting out to the world, anyone can see these stories, so this is the driving force in journalism that pushed many, if not all, the students that I witnessed in my class. You will not only feel like a reporter, you will become one. You will have opportunities to go into real places and interview real people, beyond Pentucket. Journalism will open your eyes to the real world and you will realize that your eyes can never be open wide enough. It may be scary, but going beyond your comfort zone is what makes a good story.

The freedom of the press and journalism is extremely important, but it is also in jeopardy in today’s society. You are the future of journalism and if you take this class, just remember you might not always be a journalist but you always once were. If you are considering taking journalism at all, I strongly urge you to. It will make you sweat a few times, but that is only part of the fun.