The Freeways of Pentucket

Imagine a situation that everyone has been in before; driving on the highway in traffic, or being behind a slow driver that you can’t get around, or being behind someone that is all over the roads. It’s very frustrating. Now picture yourself in the same situation, but you aren’t in a car or on a road, you’re in the hallways of Pentucket.

At Pentucket, most of the time spent strolling from class to class is spent in order and containment. Occasionally, you’ll encounter one of the many minute frustrations of the hallways.

When asked if they ever had trouble getting from class to class most students replied with a simple “no”.

Nothing in the hallways seemed like a problem, just only a minor annoyance.

The story was different when students were asked if they ever encountered anything that slowed their journey. Most said large groups, slow walkers, people stopping in the middle of the halls, and even PDA.

Or as Junior Ian Davis put it, “ignorant people on the wrong side of the hall really bother me”.

What most students imagine as a perfect hallway is having it designed just like a road, with traffic lights, road lines, signs, and separate lanes. Sophomore Lucas Chory got even more specific and stated that we should widen the doorways so that people don’t have to “squeeze in”.

Of course, there’s always someone who has a different picture in mind such as sophomore Jon Holewinski who said, “We should raise money to buy a huge truck filled with one shade of blue paint. We then paint all the floors and walls and ceiling blue. Then, we buy fur to put on the lockers. It’ll be perfect.” Not exactly everyone’s ideal hallway.

In the end, most students agreed that poor hallway etiquette is just something we all have to deal with. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your best to keep the hallways orderly.