Pentucket at Peabody Essex

Pentuckets Students Experience at the Peabody Essex Museum and Photo Story



On November 14, the Pentucket journalism class and graphic novel class, which are taught by Ms. Lukianov, and drawing classes taught by Mr. Bixby, took a field trip to visit the Peabody Essex Museum. Specifically, we visited the two exhibits It’s Alive” and “XYZT: A Journey in 4 Dimensions.” I am a journalism student, so I decided to create a photo slideshow and ask people questions about their experience at the museum.

Julia Rossi who is a sophomore and fellow journalism classmate, enjoyed the exhibit called “All The Flowers Are For Me.” Rossi stated “that it came as a surprise” which made it even more interesting for her.

Maddie Conover, another student who was at the museum for Mr. Bixby’s drawing class told me that the “XYZT: A Journey in 4 Dimensions” was definitely her favorite exhibit throughout the museum. She said her first reaction was that “it was cool and just kind of like all futuristic.” In one of the separate pieces in the exhibit, wherever one stepped white lines that were projected on the ground would move and become wavy. She said that this was her favorite.

Another journalism student, Grace Giannatsis, told me that she thought it would be more of a “kid thing,” however, “she felt it was more for all people because it is pretty sophisticated, like the technology it uses.” She also said that she would definitely visit the Peabody Essex Museum again.

This field trip showed everyone who visited how advanced technology and museums are becoming, and I think it was amazing how so many students from Pentucket got to experience it.