Cafe Jazz


If you happened to be in the Pentucket High School Cafeteria at 7 pm on Friday, you were most likely experiencing the entertainment of Cafe Jazz.  This event was produced by the PRHS band and featured a debut by the middle school ensemble as well.  


Cafe Jazz is an opportunity (free of charge) to enjoy a variety of jazz pieces in the comfort of your own school.  


If you missed this Cafe Jazz, there are plenty more opportunities coming up to see the musical talent Pentucket has to offer, such as the Music Conservatory Concert at 7 pm on December 20th.


Prior to the event, many parents and students helped to transform the ordinary cafeteria into a wintery atmosphere.  Tables covered the room at angles that provided both good viewing areas and opportunities for conversation in between sets.  There was also a diverse display of appetizers and desserts (also free!) that made the music even more enjoyable.   


Cafe Jazz is an alternative to a traditional auditorium concert, and details throughout the night made the music seem more personal as well.  Before each music piece, one of the musicians added a “fun fact,” or informational piece about the song or its composer.  


Grace Giannatsis, Pentucket senior, commented on why she liked attending Cafe Jazz.  She said that as opposed to what a normal high school band performance might be, Cafe Jazz felt “more relaxed, felt more personal”.  She also added that “being able to see people express the talents that you otherwise might not have known that they had” was another great aspect.  Simply stated, Giannatsis answered with a firm “yes” when asked if she would go to cafe jazz again.  


Seamus O’Keefe, Pentucket freshman added his thoughts on Cafe Jazz and said, “It was very immersive and had something for everybody, like if you were just there to socialize or if you were actually there for the music… it really got you into a different culture at Pentucket that you don’t necessarily get to experience a lot”.  


Be sure to look out for more musical opportunities at Pentucket, including round two of Cafe Jazz in May!