Learn About Experiential Leadership



Experiential Leadership is a class where students are able to express themselves in a way that benefits their community. I am grateful I had the opportunity to be part of such a rewarding class, and I feel that most of my classmates are too. Senior Bella Doyle who is currently in the class says that “this class is unique in the way that I am capable of being a part of something greater than my final grade.”

For the first eight weeks of the class, students are in the classroom, working on assignments and preparing for internships. Students write a blog once a week to show their progress on their internship search. They must complete a project proposal for the class supervisor, and write a research paper on a topic that correlates with our internship. For example, I am working with Nichols Village on a project that will bring happiness to the residents who live there. For my research paper, my topic will be “Depression in the Elderly.”

After the eight weeks of class time is up, students will devote the class block and any other free time they have within the school day to field work. Students must complete their internship by the last day of classes for seniors: May 17th. On the day of the final, each student will have a presentation to share with the class on what they did for those weeks spent in the field.

This class is a unique way for students to explore an area of interest and give back to their community. Dr. Bent encourages students to begin an internship in an area of the community that one may pursue in the future. The  internship allows students to get a firsthand look at what tasks are involved in that particular field they plan to pursue. “This internship will allow me to decide whether or not I wish to pursue a career in architecture,” Ethan Dore stated.

Several of my classmates had great things to say about the class. One student stated, “I love being able to work on a project that is meaningful to me, instead of simply working towards a grade on my transcript.” Throughout high school, students sometimes consider classes to be simply a grade on their transcripts. With Experiential Leadership, it is more than a grade on one’s transcript as it gives students the opportunity to explore an area of interest.

If you are an incoming senior, I strongly encourage you to consider this class as it is an  exciting way to complete a project meaningful to you, and meaningful to your community.