Pentucket Girls’ Soccer



Girls’ Soccer is back in session! If you’re looking to learn more about the team this year, you are in luck, so keep reading.

Girls’ soccer has had a promising season so far, winning three out of the seven games they have played. Captain Tia Zanardi says, “Last year….We only won I think it was four games in total, so we already have three wins, which is a really good start because we still have so many games left.”

Other girls on the team are also excited for the season. Sophomore Katelyn Sudbay says, “[The game record] is pretty even, I think that we’re going to have a good season this year and I’m excited.”

The five captains this year are Tia Zanardi, Vanessa Franco, Emma Wilson, Riley Roche, and Sydney Tremblay. The seven seniors this year are Kaley Enright and Sofia Chirigotis in addition to all of the captains. This year the head coach is Daniel Millard and the assistant coach is Larry Elardo. There are around 23 to 24 players on varsity, including swing players who play on both varsity and junior varsity.

You may be asking yourself what makes girls’ soccer special? Tia Zanardi says, “Something that is really special [is]…. we try to involve everyone, like J.V. and varsity, we don’t really like to separate….we really try to make it kinda just like a big family.”

Sophomore Katelyn Sudbay says, “It’s fun because you get to spend time with your friends doing a shared interest that you all enjoy.” When asked what makes the team a team, Katelyn Sudbay replied with, “If you all understand each other and how you play and you all can bond off the field it helps to make a team.”

This year, the girls are looking forward to a great season.

(Cover Photo Source: Dan Thornton: @Sachemathletics)