Farewell Ms. Lukianov



Earlier this week the news spread through the Pentucket community about the departure of celebrated English teacher Ms. Lukianov. Ms. Lukianov teaches accelerated freshmen English, graphic novel, journalism, and is the advisor of the Pentucket Profile and Pentucket’s radio station, AltWave Radio.

Ms. Lukianov’s husband was offered an amazing opportunity that will require them to move, resulting in her departure from the district. Although Ms. Lukianov’s students are reluctant to let her go, they are so happy for Ms. Lukianov and know she is well deserving of such a great opportunity.

After majoring in journalism in college and actually working in the journalism field Ms. Lukianov made the perfect advisor for the Pentucket Profile. On a typical day in journalism class, dozens of students go to Ms. Lukianov for advice and input. Whether they want to know something technical, such as whether their article is considered hard news, or just need inspiration for a new article Ms. Lukianov was always such a helpful resource. Not to mention she never failed to make the whole class laugh every day.

Ms. Lukianov was such a special teacher because of her immense dedication to her students. Continuously, Ms. Lukianov went above and beyond to make her class relevant and interesting to students. For example, instead of simply reading Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, students of Ms. Lukianov’s freshman English class act out the play in outrageous costumes. Furthermore, most projects in Ms. Lukianov’s class were dictated by the students’ interests. If a student enjoyed music, they had the ability to apply their English and create music for their project. This ensured that student got more out of Ms. Lukianov’s class than just spelling, grammar, and Animal Farm. Instead, students left her class with a new was to learn and create. Students learned how to apply school directly to their interests, which makes the rest of high school so much more meaningful.

Pentucket English teacher Ms. Ducolon says her favorite thing about Ms. Lukianov is talking to her about cats. “But cats aside, I will miss her as a colleague… she has inspired me so much with my teaching and I am really a better teacher because I’ve had her in my life. I am going to miss her so much as a friend as well.”  Ducolon also noted that she was very excited about Lukianov’s new house in Maine.

Not only has Ms. Lukianov inspired other teachers, but her impact on students has been vast. Since Ms. Lukianov taught such a variety of classes she has students from every grade, making her well-loved among the entire Pentucket community. Upon hearing about Ms. Lukianov’s departure, many students wished to let her know just how much she impacted them.

Abigail Cain (Sophomore): “I’ve only known Ms. Lukianov for a year, but having her as a teacher has truly impacted me. She helped me realize my potential as a writer and has helped me learn the true value of journalism. Her energetic personality and hilarious attitude has always made my long days better. I’m really going to miss her, but I wish her the best of luck in Maine!”

Ivy Detjens (Senior): “She always has amazing ideas for articles, and has taught me so much. It’s been an honor to have had her three times throughout my high school years.”  

Julia Rossi (Junior): “Ms. L really helped me improve on my writing skills. I loved taking journalism with her. She gave me a new outlook on the news and how to understand it. I will miss her at Pentucket!”

Adam Cahalane (Junior): “When asked for what qualities make a good teacher, most students would say the same things. Students want someone who is kind, caring, patient, dedicated, encouraging, and inspirational. They need someone who will lead them on the path to the future, while also being the one who will pick them up when they fall. Looking at all of these points, I can honestly say that Ms. Lukianov covers them all without fail. She is the person who will be there for you whenever you are in need. She is the person who will inspire you to follow your dreams and help you get there along the way. She is the person who will cheer for you the loudest when you are successful, and the one to encourage you to keep trying when you aren’t. Ms. Lukianov is more than a teacher. She is a role model, a leader, and a friend. Although she will be missed, we are happy that Ms. L is starting a new chapter of her life. Thank you for everything you have done for us!”

Casey Pratt (Junior): “Ms. L has been a really amazing influence on both my writing and my overall work ethic, and I hope that she finds an amazing newspaper to be the chief of in Maine.”

Sage Seymour (Junior): “I have only had Ms. L for about a month, but she became one of my favorite teachers since the first day of school. She is so engaged in everything she does, and she has made me love journalism more than I ever thought I would, and look forward so much to coming to class every day. I will miss her so much; journalism will not be the same without her enthusiasm and positive spirit in the class every day.”

Will Roberts (Freshman): “Although I didn’t know Ms. Lukianov long, she was very nice, kind, respectful, and taught me and my peers just about as much good information as anyone could in only a month.”

Grace Tierney (Junior): “Ms. L was one of the first people to make me truly enjoy English and I appreciate everything she did for her students, she will truly be missed!”

Teagan Pratt (Junior): “Ms. L is my all time favorite English teacher not only because of her teaching style but also because of her profound effect on her students. I will miss Ms. L because she engages people in her classes and has an infectious enthusiasm about whatever she is teaching.”

Venetsianos Stamateas (Junior): “When I heard that ‘Ms. Lukianov is leaving,’ the circumstances that made it so, and was offered to write a farewell, I couldn’t help but think back to an English project I had at the end of my freshman year. Without going too far into detail, I made a goal for myself that had involved writing and producing an entirely original song, for the project. As fun as it was, it was a challenge that forced me to overcome both my internal self consciousness relating to my artistic output; because for the first time in my life I had really put effort into writing something, let alone completing any particular extracurricular task of my own volition. It was a valuable experience, because I, for the first time in my adolescent life, was eager to show something I had produced to my peers.

As strange as it may be to choose to cite an English project, instead of a candid memory of a class discussion, as a means to supplement my message, taking the chance to produce the most outlandish, bizarre cacophony of sound I could have imagined has had a profound impact on my daily confidence and my willingness to take chances. I am a different person because of that English 9 project, I think for the better.

Ms. Lukianov, best of luck in your future, and no matter any challenges that might be waiting in the future, make it a good time.

Not to be weighty or anything,

Veneti S. Stamateas”

Aidan Rich (Junior): “Ms. L had a significant impact on my skills as a writer and a speaker. Through her help, I improved my writing skills and my confidence to speak during class discussions. I can say the same for many of my classmates as well. As just clueless freshman who had no idea what high school had to offer, it came as a shock to my class when we started getting grades returned. Many of us had underestimated the fact that a high school English class was not the same as a middle school one, and that studying meant more than just looking at a packet with grammar rules in them. That being said, Ms. L helped us through it and taught us that putting work in fosters positive results.

She also encouraged creativity in the classroom. I can recall many projects where we had the freedom to produce our own results in many creative ways. In her class, songs were performed, posters were created, and dramatic Shakespeare monologues were spoken with great mispronunciation. These creative ways of presenting brought the class together, allowing us to be more confident in ourselves as learners and presenters.

Despite challenges any of her students had, Ms. L helped everyone become not only a better writer, but a better learner and person as well. When reflecting on the qualities of a teacher, students like to think a great teacher is kind, hard working, and a positive role model. Ms. L was all of these and many more for her students. We wish Ms. L the best of luck moving forward!”

Cassandra Plisinski (Junior): “I am devastated that Ms. Lukianov has to leave, but am happy for her as she is so deserving of this opportunity. This year marks my third year with Ms. Lukianov and she has managed to influence me countless times throughout those years. Ms. Lukianov is truly a special person, which makes her such a great teacher. Freshmen year she taught me everything I needed to know about writing, and throughout Sophomore and Junior year in Journalism, she has taught me how to apply those skills into something so meaningful. Ms. Lukianov’s commitment to the Pentucket Profile is what makes it so great. I remember her “advertising” journalism class my freshman year and instantly I could tell that Ms. Lukianov truly loved it. It is quite evident that Ms. Lukianov’s passion for journalism has transferred to students as every year the journalism staff grows. Last year we only had around twenty members, whereas this year there are almost thirty. Ms. Lukianov has strived each year to make journalism better and better which meant spending numerous hours writing grants and developing a new workflow system for the Pentucket Profile. Although I am so sad to let Ms. Lukianov go she has left us with every tool possible to succeed, and for that I am grateful. Ms. Lukianov your hilarious sense of humor and great passion will be missed. Thank you for being such an exceptional teacher these past three years.”

Ben Beaulieu (Junior) “Shocked, saddened, and caught off guard are just a few of the ways to describe when Ms. Lukianov told editor-in-chief Cassandra and I about her departure from the district. She was my English teacher in my freshman year, and my journalism advisor for the past two. She also was the advisor to the radio station at Pentucket, and I can very safely say that we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are now without her guide and instruction. Ms. L, you will be greatly missed here at Pentucket and I wish you all the best in this new and once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

It is clear Ms. Lukianov was an extremely special person to the Pentucket community. She impacted so many students in a way that few teachers can. On behalf of all her students, Ms. Lukianov, you will be greatly missed. Thank you for bringing such passion to Pentucket. Any student with the opportunity to be in your class was so fortunate to have you. Best of luck in your future endeavors, and we will miss you greatly.

(Cover Photo Credits: Benjamin Beaulieu, Jonathan Seymour, Pentucket 2018 Year Book)