Pentucket Student goes Viral at the Celtics Game


(Photo Source: WorldStar)

Oct. 16 was opening night for the Boston Celtics, and Pentucket freshman Harrison Soep happened to be in attendance. Harrison is no stranger to Celtics games, as he is a huge fan. Harrison has been to over 25 games in his life, so this game was like any other.

There was already excitement in the air as the Celtics were playing their playoff rivals, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Celtics had their star small-forward Gordon Hayward and point guard Kyrie Irving back. Harrison, also known as Big H, was seen on the jumbotron eating chicken fingers and fries.

“It was so random, but it was good timing,” he says about his initial reaction to being on camera. He sprung into action as if he had been preparing for this moment his entire life. He put his food on the ground and began to dance. Harrison’s stellar dance moves caught the attention of a huge sports news page, House of Highlights, where he appeared on their Instagram page that has 10.7 million followers.

The video began getting thousands and then millions of views. Soon Harrison was seen on Worldstar’s Instagram page (20.9 million followers), the NBA’s twitter page, and many other social media sites. Word began to spread among Harrison’s friends that he was rapidly gaining popularity across the Internet. Soon, the comment sections of the accounts that posted about him were filled with Pentucket students that recognized the familiar face.

Harrison was sitting alone at the time because everyone in his party was still up and preparing for the game around the Garden at the time of Harrison’s big moment. Harrison was in the middle of eating and was ready to watch the game ahead of him. The next thing he knew, he was on the biggest screen in the TD Garden. Harrison wasn’t just going to wave at the camera like anybody else in this situation; Big H had a plan.

As most students at Pentucket know, Harrison is a big dancer and he can be found dancing wherever music is present. Harrison runs cross country and is known to dance before practice and even sometimes during.

Tyler Mitchell, a fellow cross country runner told us in an exclusive interview, “When you turn on music around Harrison, expect him to bust a move.” So when he found himself in the spotlight, Harrison did not disappoint. Mid-chew he put down his food and began a dance known as “Orange Justice” from the popular video game Fortnite.

When asked where his dancing skill comes from, he simply replied, “Youtube.”

Next, he did something that sets Harrison apart from everyone else. He did a strange, waddle-type dance that he has been known to do every once in a while. Harrison did this so well that he earned the respect of millions across the country and became a viral sensation overnight.