The Who: Cameron Santos


(Cover Photo Source: Cameron Santos)


“The energy of us four kids who had never really fenced together on a team… being able to beat Olympians… it was just an amazing feeling,” says Pentucket fencer Cameron Santos of a truly memorious trip to St. Louis, Miss. for a national fencing tournament this summer. There he battled and beat college students and even Olympic fencers to take home the title of fourth in the nation.

Cameron Santos, a senior here at Pentucket, stands out from the ordinary student. He started fencing in the sixth grade, ambitiously deciding that it was something he wanted to try. Now a nationally titled fencer, he’s committed to the unique sport. He placed third in the country in Salt Lake City, Utah and traveled to Europe multiple times to compete for his country on the United State’s World Cup Team.

Also a member of Science League, Model United Nations, Helping Hands tutoring program, and the Langley-Adams Library staff, in addition to being a bright student, Santos works diligently to balance the activities he loves. When finished with school, he will meet with clubs, work for a few hours, and then train at clubs as far as Concord, Mass. about an hour away. He then works on homework until, “usually some awful time,” before finally sleeping. Santos aces time management, maintaining good grades and staying highly involved with his interests as well.

Santos’s aspirations for the future include continuing fencing on a team into college. “There’s no question about that,” he says. This talented Pentucket student has been accepted into a few schools for fencing already and is connecting with more coaches and colleges, creating an abundance of options and opportunities.

For Santos, the best part about team fencing is, “not fencing for yourself anymore… fencing for your country… all of America.” He is most proud when winning not in his own name, but for the honor of his country. Accounting all his accomplishments so far, there is no doubt that Cameron Santos will be doing incredible things in the future. If you have not met this Pentucket star yet, take this opportunity to meet The Who.