Last Year’s Cedardale Fire

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On Mar. 1 2017, tragedy struck Haverhill, Massachusetts when Cedardale Health & Fitness Center burned down.

Cedardale was open year round. In the winter, there were exercise classes as well as individual ways to work out such as a track, basketball courts, a lap pool, tennis courts, and exercise equipment.

Now, with 25 percent of the building burned to the ground and the majority of the facility ripped down for reconstruction, many of these features can no longer be accessed.

The fire was deemed accidental; it began in the women’s locker room but could not be traced to a specific source. According to the Eagle Tribune, the Haverhill police and fire chief said nothing was found to indicate the fire was set on purpose. Regardless, it left the community of Haverhill robbed of one of their favorite places to exercise and hang out with friends. Pentucket Sophomore, Liberty Jackson, who was a long time member of Cedardale spoke about her feelings on the fire saying, “I was shocked because I used to go there all the time and suddenly I didn’t [go] anymore.”

However, this tragedy did not stop the staff at Cedardale. This past summer they opened their outdoor facilities to the public.

People were able to swim in the pool, play on the outside tennis courts, splash in the sprayground, and get refreshments underneath the pavilion.

Cedardale Health & Fitness has plans to reopen soon in Jan. of 2019. They intend to rebuild many of the same features as well as add some completely new ones such as an elevated track. “I’m so excited for the new Cedardale I think it’s going to be awesome,” said Jackson when asked about the new building.

Next summer, be on the look for the new and improved Cedardale.