Yes, Let’s Put a Visor on the Sun



Photo Source: Getty Images

Justin Doucette, Writer

Since the beginning of life in our world, the Earth has been undergoing significant and extreme change. One of the most notable changes is considered to be an ice age, where the world essentially turned into a giant snow globe. Naturally, however, that ice melted and thus started the planet we know today with varying climates and such. 

It is no lie that industrialization has sped up the process of climate change, but why have climate activists forgotten that our Earth has the ability to naturally fix itself? The Greenhouse Effect is the stabilization of temperature on Earth, giving us the ability to be alive at this very moment. To break it down: it is when the atmosphere captures a decent amount of the sun’s energy and utilizes it to keep our temperature around ninety degrees warmer than what it would be discarding the Greenhouse Effect – the temperature of your home freezer. 

Undoubtedly, the sun plays an extremely important role in life on Earth. For example, with no sun, there would be no photosynthesis taking place, no heat being captured, and more. Historians say the year 536 AD was the worst year to be alive. What significance does this have to climate change? Let me explain: in the year 536 AD, the Earth was covered in a mysterious black fog for eighteen months. Temperatures were no higher than 34 degrees Fahrenheit and snow fell during the summer months. With the inability to produce summer crops (or any crops at all), there was a worldwide famine; thousands of people died due to starvation.

Still, on the previous subject, the lack of sun initiated a breeding ground for disease. Some insane illnesses that the year 536 AD bore from its darkness include the Bubonic Plague in Egypt and the Plague of Justinian, which killed almost half of the eastern Roman Empire.

With that information, one could find it almost hilarious that people want to cover the sun to overcome the problem of global warming. Scientists have given various solutions to slow down the Earth’s natural cycle, but none of them were inherently appetizing. Harvard scientists are legitimately testing ways to “block out the sun” like it is some annoying Internet troll. No, you cannot block out the sun, Harvard. 

These Harvard scientists took $3 million and used it to create and test a giant steerable balloon to cover the sun. Rather than pursuing a less drastic way to cool off the earth, like influencing people to shop local and walking to places that don’t necessarily require a car, Harvard decided to potentially cause us a repeat of what most historians call the worst year to be alive. 

It is not at all logical to terminate the natural process of the Earth and put the population to a detriment. Looking away from Harvard’s drastic ideals, people all around the world should work together to fight this climate issue coherently.