Student Opinion on New School Furniture

Photo Source: Jack Fahey

Photo Source: Jack Fahey

Jack Fahey, Writer

School furniture at Pentucket is in desperate need of replacement. Sitting in class, it hardly takes fifteen minutes to start feeling sore. Legs lock up and backs start to hurt until it feels like you’re just as stiff as the seat. Not to mention that during prolonged tests, discomfort can lead to diminished performance. 


Fortunately, the new Pentucket High School is under construction and offers a fresh start at school furniture. With a new building comes new equipment, and the chance to select desks and chairs for the new school is now.


Already, students in every grade are sharing their opinions on the riveting topic of school furniture. 


What is of little debate is the need for improvement. In a poll of 35 Pentucket students, freshmen to seniors, 33 believed improvement could be made on furniture in the current school. Although the age of the furniture is a frequent complaint, it isn’t the only issue people have.



In fact, much more is left to be desired of the school’s current furnishings. The Pentucket students polled spoke of a variety of issues. Common opinions included:


“Some desks are way too small, especially if a student needs both a computer and a notebook/paper out”


“The desks and chairs should be separated because back problems are caused by the attached seats and desks”


“I think that the chairs should not be connected to the desks. This makes it very difficult for people of different sizes to fit comfortably in the chairs. Some people like being closer to the desk while others like being farther away and taking this option from students can make it harder to get comfortable in the seat and can then take away from their learning”


“The comfort needs to be improved upon as my body hurts and is stiff from lack of comfort and I can’t pay attention when I have a horrible desk and chair.”


There is almost unanimous agreement that the old furniture is no good, and for a multitude of reasons. When looking towards the future, however, questions show up over what students want to see in the new school.


Sample Table with Chairs – Photo Source: Jack Fahey

When asked about tables vs. individual desks in general (non-chemistry and math) classrooms, there was majority support of individual desks with a mixed response over alternatives. 40% agreed on tables, while the rest had no preference.

One popular issue was over whether or not wheels belonged on school furniture. 80% of polled students are for it, but some disagree. For some, too many moving parts means distraction, while another group feels the need for some more free-flowing interior design. Others suggested wheels only be used in classrooms outside of the sciences so that classes with possibly dangerous labs would have reduced risks. 


Where the real debate lies is within the specifics of the furniture. 


Some students would rather have very mobile workspaces,

Mobile desk – Photo Source: Jack Fahey

while others prefer to have everything stable and a minimum amount of moving parts. A favorite of one student was a combined seat and desk with moving parts everywhere, while another student called the same piece “too chaotic.” 

Another argument exists over the height of desks. One opinionated student went as far as calling standing desks “disgusting,” while a large portion of polled students were open to the idea of higher desks. 


The question with the most varied responses by far was over the color scheme of the new furniture. Ideas ranged from neon to black, with just about everything in between.



With all of the options available for new school furniture, it’s important to get your opinion as well. In order to vote on what you’d like for the new school, scan one of the QR codes below and pick your top 5. 

Program sheet – Photo Source: Jack Fahey