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The Unknown Road

Ethan Dore

March 19, 2018

Mary Bystran was born on February 4,1963 in a town of mainly cows and horses. She had one other sibling who was a younger brother. Before joining the service, Mary was studying to become a nurse, which initially was what trigge...

Finding it Hard to Adjust

Sam Athanasopoulos

March 19, 2018

Honor and dedication comes with a price. With no aspirations to go to college, Frank Gryglik was immediately drafted into the U.S. Army Signal Corps Tech to serve in Vietnam, and later South Korea. He was part of a drafting lotte...

Adventures in The Korean War in Germany

Jacob Murray

March 19, 2018

“I knew people who never came back, the potential for grievous harm was present.” Born out of Westchester Pennsylvania Peter Race was a very well rounded student participating in the school choir in college and looking fo...

How Hawkeye Got His Name

Hunter Huberdeau

March 19, 2018

Jim Mack was born in April of 1949 in Salem New Hampshire. Mack is part of a family of six with three younger sisters, himself, mother, and father. Mack’s father worked at Lucent Tech. and his mother stayed at home most days...

Joson Zappas

Brendan Dickenson

March 19, 2018

  Jason Zappas my step dad was born in pennsylvania 1977 and moved to Merrimac Massachusetts to complete high school at Pentucket. Jason graduated in 1995 and then enlisted in the army and shipped out in 1996. His job in the mil...

Always Fighting: The Story Of Dean Lischke

Connor Melone and Jared Mcintosh

March 19, 2018

Dean Lischke joined the Marine Corps in 1990 after deciding to hold off on going to college. He didn’t want to follow the rest of the family and go into business. Even after already being accepted into Babson, he decided it wasn...

The Conflicts of a War Vet

Jane Atwood

March 19, 2018

My grandfather was born in 1948 and raised in Windsor, Connecticut to a hard working, middle class family. Before he was drafted in the Air Force, he was just like any other high school student. College was not an option since...

War Through the Eyes of a Veteran Who Never Saw it

Jeremy Frederick

March 19, 2018

Explosions in the sky, people running in the streets, chaos, Mardi Gras.   Not all veterans see combat. For Frederick T Shea, a Korean War veteran who served from 1951-53, service meant basic training in New Orleans a...

The Service of Fred Shea

Parker Watts

March 19, 2018

From 1951 to 1954, Fred Shea served in The Korean War. For the four years he served, Shea says that he enjoyed his time in the war. “My wife says I enjoyed every bit of it. Partially she is right”, says Shea Fred Shea did...

The Rough Life of a Tough Dude

Liam Murray

March 19, 2018

My grandfather, Dexter Murray, age 91, choose to go into World War II at the age of 17 out of high school due to a strong sense that he wanted to help his country against “the evil that was threatening our world”. When Dexter was 1...

Kenneth Tripp

Liam Grenham and Nathan Candage

March 19, 2018

When we asked Kenneth Tripp what the most important thing he learned in the military was, he replied with a very stern and easy answer of “discipline”. It was taught to him in the Boy Scouts and engraved into him in the Ma...

Captain Joan Brouillette


February 6, 2018

Joan Brouillette is a retired Captain in the Navy.  She served in Vietnam in 1967 to 1968 and continued to serve her country for 35 more years, which is how she became a Captain.  Joan continued to travel even after she retire...

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