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Wren Rivers

Wren Rivers, Copy Editor

Hello, Salutations, Good Morrow! I am Wren Rivers, senior at Pentucket High School, a theatrical actress, and an aspiring Communications major. If I’m not furiously inventing a plot on my laptop, I’ll be hiking a mountain, jamming to Luminnerers, Mumford & Son, and Bear’s Den. I’m a celiac home cook and constantly try new recipes, changing cultures and eras. Much like a raven, I am loud, presumably wise, and easily distracted by shiny objects. My only addiction is constantly scrolling through my favorited Etsy items, praying my next nannying job will pay for another set of dice or terrain piece. During my free time, I plan how my friends will befriend a compost pile and play fetch with a sentient stick, all while a pretentious elf is trying to steal all the bread in the kingdom. My plans for the future include publishing a children’s book, building an RPG table, hosting a New England Grad trip, and teaching my friends how to live like functional adults before they’re released into the wild (I jest, but really. They can’t make pasta). In all honesty, I’m a whimsical mom friend trying to set myself up for success before reality sets in. My works will span from how to deal with significant depression and anxiety to why adding a jazz-loving skeleton companion will make your plot make sense (trust the process). Enjoy the ride, take some risks, and eat your veggies.

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