Photo Source: Pexels

Zoe Dunn, Writer

My family has always had a pet. My parents grew up with dogs as pets while my brother and I grew up with cats. We had two cats all together. The first one was named Fenway and the second one, our new cat, is named Buttercup. From my experience, having a cat is less work than taking care of a dog. Cats can take care of themselves, they can bathe themselves, and use the bathroom on their own.


Newest Member Of The Family

When my old cat Fenway passed away, we decided it would be best to wait a while until we get another one again. The loss of my first cat made me heartbroken. Fenway was a great cat. He never hissed, bit or scratched. He was a quiet cat that loved to be cuddled. We knew he could never be replaced, but it was time to bring a new member to the family.When we first saw Buttercup at the Merrimack Feline Shelter, she was hiding under a counter scared and nervous. She had a mix of tan, gray and white fur with shiny yellow eyes. 

Compared to Fenway, she was a very talkative cat. Buttercup is a gentle and caring cat that loves to show affection to us. We bought her a new bed to sleep in, but she prefers to either sleep under our dining room table or on top of the couch. She’s not a picky eater either. We could feed her anything and she won’t hate it. As a family, we can all agree that Fenway and Buttercup will both be part of our family forever.