Chapter 1 Sneak Peek

After Midnight Church, Dakota walks and talks with three of his friends, Malan, Abel, and Manasseh.  The night is lit up with stars and the moon shines like a light in a room.  The weather is warm like a desert, but the trees and grass are still slaked with water.

“I may be as cunning as a snake, but worship always subdues me.” Manasseh said, who is not just cunning in his nature, but rather kind.  He enlisted in the highest branch of Chislon.

Abel is also kind and cunning, but above all has determination.  He’s a Corinthian with red eyes, who enlisted in the Chislon Forces and has a close bond with the Chislons, according to his genetic material.

Malan is also kind and determined, but is protective and funny for a species that represents grace.  He enlisted as a doctor, but because he’s military, he’s a medic.

Dakota’s character is all these characters, beside funny: kind, cunning, determined, and protective, and with all these, he’s also loving and careful.  His understanding is as if he understands Arisaka: looking for signs and making connections.  “We all had a good time.” he said.

“Good time?” Manasseh asked.

“Nah, man,” Malan adds, “it was Godly, Christ-ey and Holy Spirit-ey.”  Malan chuckled a bit as did Manasseh and Abel with Dakota smiling.

“Speaking of your answer, Dakota: How’s Aris?” Manasseh asked.

“We got engaged this morning near the river close to Revelation’s Church.” Dakota said.

“Ooohh, yeah.” Abel cheered.

“Congrats, kid.” Manasseh cheered.  Manasseh thought of something.  He’s thinking about Dakota giving Arisaka a gift.  “Say, why don’t we go out and get Arisaka a gift?  I mean it is her birthday.”

“Sounds risky.” Malan said moving his finger while his hand was on his chin and his eyes squinted as if he were a detective.

“Really funny, Malan.” said Abel.

“We can go to a shack near Base Jude.” Dakota suggested.  “I heard they sell wedding gifts and birthday presents.”

“And Passover knick knacks.” Manasseh added.

“The shack is called The Hosannah Gift Shop.”

The group goes to the Hosannah Gift Shop that’s a mile by foot from the Church.  As they reach the landscape of it, the lights of the shack begin to get wider and wider until a small house-like structure appears.  It almost looks like a regular house with a big sign on the roof.  The rims of the roof are colored red, representing the Blood and the roof itself is oak as well as the entire house.  The windows are clear with small Crosses, one on each window.

They go inside with a blast of heat that warms them up and they huddle together to think of what to get for Arisaka.  What Chislon Purebloods like is fairly simple: gifts that are not permissible.  Meaningful gifts that spurs the hearts of Chislons that can sometimes lead to the higher levels of love.  Most of the time when forming a friendship, meaningful gifts can spur up brotherhoods or gangs that can protect and not cause harm.