Teacher Superlatives 2022

Teacher Superlatives 2022

(all photos taken by Luke Redgate unless otherwise noted)



Best driver

Mr. Jacques, Ms. Chory

Class Mom and Dad

Mr. Harty, Mrs. Beaton 


Best Job as Coach 

Mr. Derro 

Rookie of the Year

Ms. Magee

Class Uncle and Aunt

Mr. Kowalski, Ms. Cavallaro

Best Bromance 

The History Department

Most Often in a Meeting

Mrs. McElaney

Best Person to be Stranded on an Island with

Mrs. Decoste, Mr. Lovett


Mr. Thornton, Mrs. Merritt, Senior Thomas, Mr. Freiermuth

Most Contagious Laugh

Ms. Ducolon, Mr. Casey

Most Sarcastic

Dr. Bent

Most Competitive 

Coach Moloney,  Coach Mac, Coach Hickey

Most Helpful during Covid

Ms. Therrien

Best Person to Ride in an Ambulance with

Mrs. Castiglione

Most Likely to Get Upset about not Getting a Superlative

Ms. Costello, Mrs. Endyke












Most artistic 

Mr. Bixby,  Ms. Bynum, Ms. Nadeau

Most Dramatic

Ms. McGowan, Mr. Bart

Most Spirited 

Mrs. Beaton, Mr. Thornton

Most Prepared

Mrs. Treado, Ms. Kobuskie, and Mrs. Millard

Best Dressed

Ms. Bynum, Mr. Langlois, Mrs. Miner

Done most for Pentucket

Mrs. Merritt, Mrs. Kohut, Mr. Gelina

Best Plants

Mrs. Brackbill

Best personality

Coach Leary, Mrs. Barlow

Can talk themselves out of any situation  

Ms. Cromwell 

Most likely to survive the Hunger Games 

Ms. Fichera, Mr. Lovett

Best Shoe Game

Mr. Richard, Mrs. Lentz

Best Smile

Mr. Soule

Most Likely to be Injured

Mr. Angelli, Ms. Kobuskie 

Most Chatty

Ms. Farrell, Mr. Jacques, Mr. Weslowski

Most Likely to End Climate Change

Ms. Goodrich

Best Classroom

Mrs. Hazzard, Mrs. Kalinowski

Most Caring

Ms. Martin, Mrs. Reilly, Mr. Strandberg

Best Advice

Mr. Smith, Mrs. Millard

Unrelated Twins

Ms. Sanford, Ms. Howard

Most Likely to Start A Girl Group

Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Zylinski

Most Encouraging

Mrs. Kelley, Dr. Ruland, Mrs. Whalen

 Go-To Guru

Mrs. Danforth 

Best New Edition

Norma Bird

Most Similar to Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2 (according to Luke Redgate) 

Mrs. Kiernan

Source: Shrek 2

Most Likely to Start a Boy Band

Mr. Seymour, Mr. Petersen, Mr. Casey, Mr. Schumacher, Mr. Hardigan

Biggest Rambler

Mr. Honer

Most Likely to Mention that he Built a Boat

Mr. Honer

Best AP Gov Teacher

Mr. Honer

Took a Crossfit Class

Mr. Honer