The US Government’s Attempts to Solve Climate Change

Photo Source: KWest/

Photo Source: KWest/

Sarah Graninger

Climate change is as vicious as ever. With greenhouse gasses at an all-time high, the ocean ecosystem destroyed, and a majority of our nonrenewable resources used up, this is no longer something we can ignore. As climate change will be irreversible by 2030, experts say cutting greenhouse gas emissions is the key to slowing climate change.


 The “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” was signed by Joe Biden on August 16th, 2022. Not only does it lower the cost of prescriptions, health care, and energy, but it also will cut carbon pollution by 40%. This act brings many plans for climate investments which will be put towards environmental justice and climate solutions over the next 10 years, one of the plans includes 370 billion dollars worth of clean energy.  


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions will better the global economy, air quality, slow climate change, maintain biodiversity, and hopefully prevent premature deaths caused by air pollution. Pollution causes “fine particulate matter,” which is breathed into the lungs,that results in strokes, lung cancer, and many other life threatening diseases. Climate change also brings along other problems like droughts, flooding, heatwaves, ecosystem and infrastructure damage, and lack of food availability/resources. Eventually, This will directly result in the harming of animals and humans, the destruction of their habitats and food sources, and derelict livelihood and communities.                                                                   

The Inflation Reduction Act also funds 3.5 million dollars to air monitoring for low income communities that are highly affected by pollution, giving them the ability to comprehend and hopefully control their air quality.


Throughout 2022, Poverty in the US has grown by 14.4%, leaving 47,664,381 Americans in deprivation. Poverty doesn’t just affect financial and social life, but psychological and physical health, as low income people have a shorter life expectancy in comparison to those living above the poverty line.  $9 billion will be invested in home energy rebate programs to more low-income families that are unable to light their homes-filling them with electricity. 


This act also expands/alters the tax credits for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are an important goal for climate change, as gas vehicles in the U.S. are responsible for one fifth of the United States gas emissions.


 One gallon of gas releases 24 pounds of carbon dioxide, and many other gasses that influence global warming. Electric cars do not release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the way generic vehicles do. Instead, they run off of electricity. Electric cars have a very positive impact on the environment, by making transportation sustainable for the universe. This act reduces the prices of these vehicles, making them more accessible to the average consumer. 


Photo Source: Mark Garlick


Pentucket’s chemistry teacher, Mrs Goodrich, about her thoughts on the Government’s recent approaches on climate change.


 She says, “It’s a no brainer. We have to cut back on our carbon emissions. How Biden is going to accomplish this, I don’t know. The people who are suffering the most from the rise in sea level are the ones who contribute the least to climate change, unlike China and the U.S. We are the ones who should take responsibility.” ways she thinks it’s possible to make a drastic change and she says “It would take the military lowering their carbon emissions to make a real big difference.” 


Fortunately for everyone, the U.S. is focusing on climate change and what we can do to make up for the decades of damage we have inflicted on the planet. The features this bill will introduce to our country will do wonders for low income people, air pollution, and overall the environment. Obviously there is a lot more left to accomplish, but this is a great  start for our country to make positive change and make up for our carbon footprint.


The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 will do great things for the environment. The long awaited attack on climate change and global warming has started.