New York Fashion Ate or Hate?

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Zendaya at Valentino

Photo Source: Zendaya at Valentino

Sophie Marcus, Writer

  Now that October has started, society should look back and reflect on the most important and memorable moments from September. Specifically, the week from the 8th to the 12th. Yep, you guessed it, New York Fashion Week. So let’s get down to business, did brands like Vogue, Chanel, Valentino, and Gucci reach the high expectations that people set for their top-quality fashion?

Vogue’s Very Fresh Fashion  

This year, Vogue decided to go all out with all different styles and patterns. The colors seen on the models were anything but boring. However, when I was browsing through pictures from their runway show, they made me wonder, “who would wear these dresses?” 

Although the bright hues of oranges, pinks, yellows, and greens were pretty, who wants to wear an oversized brown suit with a pink ombre-colored scarf that is the same length as you? Personally, this style does not appeal to me, so I had to ask others for their opinions on this “fashion.” 

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After speaking with sophomore Kat Valeri she did not hold herself back from saying,” It is not really my go-to fashion or my taste. I think that this outfit is really out there, much like most of Vogue’s fashion. A lot of people; including myself, do not get what these pieces mean. So considering that, I am going to have to rate this outfit a 1 out of 10. Overall, the outfit is not the worst one that I have seen in Vogue, but it certainly is not my definition of the word fashion. ” 

I could not have said it better myself. Since when do people in New England wear winter clothes in the summer?  

I had to ask for a few more people’s opinions to see if Kat and I were just biased to what we thought was a monstrosity… 

Unlike Valeri, sophomore Bella Huggins thinks, “This would definitely catch my eye in public. Vogue is definitely out there so this design fits well with the rest of the designs that they have done. One talent that Vogue has is that they take a base color for an outfit and then add an abstract article of clothing to make them stand out. I personally would not wear this, but it definitely is eye-appealing. I will have to score it a generous 7 out of 10.”

Chanel’s New Looks


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Is this the new definition of the favorable word, “fashion?” The word fashion can mean many different things to all types of people. For starters, Chanel had decided to roll into fashion week with this green matching set moment. Who doesn’t love a matching moment?

              Pentucket alumni Olivia Nardone states that “This is quite the interesting color choice for Chanel. I am more used to seeing monotone colors but I guess they wanted to spice things up. Honestly, I believe that they should have just made this a dress because the top overlaps the skirt and creates a boxy effect on the model. This is one of the better outfits that I have seen for fashion week so far. If I were a Chanel customer, I would consider this outfit to be a solid 6 out of 10.” 

I am going to have to agree with Nardone on this one. If you are making an overlapping shirt and skirt, why not combine them to make a dress? Also, I do not think the boots that the model is wearing are the best option. 

Valentino’s New Drop

Valentino announced its new color of the year previously at New York’s fashion week. This color is the most fabulous, flirtatious, eye-soaring, jaw-dropping, and prettiest Pantone pink you have ever seen.

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Valentino is known for their varieties of rich fabrics like silks, glitter, and frills. With these fabrics, they tend to layer their clothes to make an elegant effect. It is rumored that if someone is wearing Valentino, it is very easy to tell. Valentino is said to make people look like they stepped out of a limo and into your dreams.

So what does the color of the year mean for Valentino’s fashion? Valentino has done the color of the year since Valentino made  its first runway appearance in 1962. So why did Valentino pick this flawless pink for their statement color? This fashion brand had picked pink as their color because they “wanted to give the girlie shade a new meaning politically speaking, and to spread inclusiveness as well.” 

I believe that this is a great and positive way to roll into the new year in the fashion industry. Personally, I think that Valentino really set the standards high for the other brands that contributed to fashion week. This outfit was a very good statement piece. Some of you are probably familiar with the expression that “real men wear pink,” and whoever came up with this statement is 100% correct. I rate this outfit a 10 out of 10 because the layering is on fleek, and it is different. 

After interviewing senior Cole Vuylsteke and asking for his opinions on this masterpiece, well let’s just say he did not consider it a work of art, “This is purely ugly. The coat that Valentino had used to layer the base clothes was unnecessary. Also, I do not like how it is a full pink outfit because I am not a fan of a matching moment. With this in mind, I would not be telling you the truth if I said this outfit was higher than a 2 out of 10.” 

Wow Vuylsteke, that was really generous of you. I do not agree with Vuylsteke because this outfit really reflects the fact that fashion can come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. 

Sophomore Kailyn Cray was beaming with joy when she saw this picture. She exclaimed,”The color is bold and grabs attention. It is different and eye-popping and that is just up my alley. Without a doubt, this outfit is an 8 out of 10.” 

Cray really read my mind. Valentino really came into fashion week with a plan to fulfill people’s expectations, and with this outfit, they did just that. 

Gucci’s Fabulous Must Haves

Photo Source: Gucci

I am sure most people think of the famous Gucci belt when they hear the brand name Gucci. Or maybe they think of their gold jewelry. However, have you ever thought of an off-white yellow silk dress that is styled with a fluffy scarf by this brand name? Gucci made this one-of-a-kind dress for the New York fashion week article that could not be ignored. Can we also talk about the unique hairstyle that this model is wearing? It is not normal to see big brands testing out different hairstyles on models so this is a work of art. However, these statement pieces are not the only things shaking it up. 

Is Twinning Winning?

   Who does not love a little twinning moment? Gucci has decided to walk into the Spring of 2023 with a bang. Their new look is the idea that “Twinning Is Winning.” These outfits are most certainly questionable, however, they do show that anyone can pull off any outfit that they want to. This is encouraging to people who may think that you have to look a specific way to be able to wear something.

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Gucci had 68 pairs of twins matching to mix things up and do something different then what most brands have been doing during fashion week. Brands have to stand out to grasp people’s attention, and that is exactly what Gucci did. Let’s get an inside scoop on what other people have to say about this twinning moment. 

Kat Valeri felt like she had to share her opinion on this, as she said, “Although the twin idea is pretty cool, the outfits are quite questionable. Gucci in general has pieces that are really out there. Their looks are not my favorite because these pieces simply do not match so that ruins the overall look. Overall, this new twin look did not get my approval which made it easy for me to rate this idea of twinning a 3 out of 10.” 

Gucci’s styles have always been very extreme and there are two categories of people that like their styles. For example, some people love their fashion and they may have some statement pieces from Gucci. My aunt Abigail Boyar and also someone who wears Gucci products exclaims how, “Like many people, I own accessories from Gucci to glam up whatever outfit I am wearing. I have had one belt from them for 25 years and it was a great investment. I have also owned two purses, a pair of sneakers, high heels, and my favorite green and red belt. Something about their green and red color patterns has a hold on me.” Boyar represents one of the 34 million American people who buy Gucci products.

Did New York Fashion Dress to Impress?

After looking back on Vogue’s, Chanel’s, Valentino’s, and Gucci’s new clothing items for the new year, I would say that it was pretty successful. The audience gets to see what these brands bring to the table and see how dedicated they are to impressing their customers. Although the majority of people who I have spoken with about Vogue’s new fashion had not loved their trench coats, Valentino and Chanel had made up for it. 

When reflecting on these brands and what they brought to fashion week, I believe that all of these brands had put in the effort to reach people with high standards and they most certainly did. Keeping that in mind, New York fashion week ate and was not hated.