The Bobby x 2 Bromance

A friend is someone you have similar things in common, but a Bromance is a friendship that is almost an unbreakable bond.  The term Bromance collectively melds the words ‘bro’ or brother and ‘romance’, and is used today to describe the close relationships that exist between men.  There are a lot of Bobby’s in the world, but I am not sure many of them have a relationship quite like Bobby Barry and Bobby Hallowell.

Pentucket seniors Bobby Barry and Bobby Hallowell were recently selected as Pentucket’s biggest Bromance for the senior superlatives, and for those of you that know them it is really no surprise.   Bobby Barry and Bobby Hallowell are both seniors, both 18, and both are captains of the Pentucket Hockey and Baseball teams.  The relationship began when they were young and in of all places a hockey rink.  Bobby Hallowell claims, “It was fate, his dad grew up near my mom’s house.” He further adds that Bobby Barry “is allergic to peanut butter and wants to name his first kid Dingle.”  That’s ‘Dingle Barry’ for those of you that are slow on the uptake.

Bobby Barry, or ‘Bebo’ as his close friends know him, claims,”Bobby Hallowell has been accepted to Springfield College, is captain of the baseball team, and takes AP psych”.

Jak Klosowski states, “They are just great pals and they have a brotherly relationship.  Their relationship is so strong that their positive attitude carries out throughout the whole team.”  Further adding that, “Bobby Barry would definitely win in a fight.”

Thankfully, according to Bobby Hallowell, “in all the years of our relationship we have had only one fight”, and describes their relationship as, “magical.”

A number of people can’t even seem to decide which one is cuter.  Sydney Snow simply replied “Bobby”.  I am assuming because she thinks they are both rather adorable.

Others, like Ben Klosowski, describe their bromance as “interesting”.  Further adding, “they always seem to be the first ones in the shower and the last ones out.”

One thing is certain they are very close and have pulled off many antics over the years that cannot be described in here.  Perhaps the best way to describe their relationship is from senior Reid Garrant, who jokingly referred to it as a “match made in hell”.