World Cup 2022 Predictions; Who Will Come Out On Top?

(Photo Source: PEXELS)

(Photo Source: PEXELS)

Julia Martins, Writer

As we all know the 2022 World Cup is a hot topic. One of the reasons is that it is taking place in Qatar. Not only that, but also because the competition is tight. With only a couple more weeks left until the final game, teams are slowly dwindling, and it’s becoming harder and harder to win each game. With most games ending in penalties. 

Looking at statistics many people feel as though Brazil or Argentina will be the winning country. There is also hope in France, the defending champions, and England. Many fans are also rooting for Portugal. 

(Photo Source: PEXELS)

Many people are rooting for Argentina because of Lionel Messi and Portugal for Christiano Ronaldo. This will be Messi and Ronaldo’s very last World Cup. Many fans want to see their favorite player win.  

I asked around Pentucket High School to see what peoples’ predictions were for the winner of the 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar. 

(Photo Source: PEXELS)

Most people shared that they think Brazil is going to take the cup. 

Junior Michael Inger at Pentucket stated, “I think Brazil is going to win because they are great at soccer.” 

Having said this there were also some who predicted Morocco or The Netherlands were going to come out on top. 

Out of 13 students who predicted who would win the World Cup, 54% voted for Brazil while the remaining voted for countries like Switzerland, Morocco, and The Netherlands. 

With only one team being able to come out on top the competition is fierce, but the fans are fiercer. 

Sadly during the semi-finals, Brazil, England, Portugal, and the Netherlands were disqualified after losing to their opponents. With only one week left until the final game fans are anxious to find out who will be the winner of the 2022 Fifa World Cup.