April brings many things to Pentucket High School. Warm weather, spring sports, eager-to-graduate seniors – but most importantly PROM.

People can never start preparing too early for prom; many girls began dress shopping over February break for the May 31st event. With only two months in between now and prom, Pentucket students face the challenge of organizing themselves, mentally and physically, for the anticipated event.

For the class of 2015, this is the first year that they can invite their own dates to attend, leaving them with the task of finding an individual to walk beside them down promenade. Junior Alena D’Olimpio has already been asked to prom, explaining the ‘prom proposal’ as “I got bread thrown at me [see notes on The Hunger Games], it was wicked clever.” She is expecting a fun night at her first prom, “hoping there is good food.”

Jackie Brennen, Pentucket senior, is excited for her third prom and has started preparations. “I’m very excited! I got my dress fitted and booked a party bus,” she explained. Brennen, a prom veteran, said that prom is “self-explanatory, you go, you dance, you eat, you leave.” She wanted first time prom goers to know that “it’s really fun” and don’t be discouraged by rumors that it isn’t.

Amelia Desjardins, a two time prom goer herself, isn’t as excited for this 2014 prom. She warned those who have never attended a prom before (specifically girls) “Don’t bring a lot of stuff with you – you will lose it – and wear comfy shoes, also don’t trip down promenade.” She pointed out the importance of “booking everything early” and noted that she didn’t book a limo on time last year which resulted in unneeded frustration.

Female prom goers are typically looking forward to the magical night, but what about Pentucket gentlemen? Noah Curtin, Pentucket senior and one time prom attendee, says “I’m excited for prom – only prom- not the buildup,” further explaining that promenade is fun – but not his favorite aspect of prom. Curtin’s advice to first time prom goers included the thought “Umm…pull up to the scene with your ceiling missing” (with further research, this is a ‘2-Chainz’ reference to convertibles). So whether you love or hate promenade and are or are not going to be aware as to the whereabouts of your ceiling, prom seems like a fun event.

Fellow senior Nolan Bridgewater is looking forward to prom as well. He advises prom newcomers to “ask your date in an interesting way; it makes it more fun.” Asking in a fun way may make or break the answer, so ask wisely.

Pentucket prom should certainly be a great time, it is May 31st, 2014 at Danversport Yacht Club and prom committee will be selling tickets for $70 in the cafeteria at lunches. So steam your gown and get your cuff links ready to look your best at prom this year!